Red Til I'm Dead: Once a Red Always a Red

Red Army ManchesterCorrespondent IFebruary 7, 2010

In recent weeks, the increase of the so called Green and Gold Campaign has gathered momentum, only because of the ignorance of people and then we have that great selection of people called the Band-Wagoners, nice bunch of people see something new and jump on board without actually knowing the implications of their actions.

I am no greater advocate of Malcolm Glazer and his family than the next fan, but the way that MUST and other organisations are shoving this down our throats is disgusting, they say they are speaking for all the fans. Well, sorry to tell you guys, you are not speaking for me and never will. If I have something to say, I have a voice and will use it.

They tell you this and that and we are supposed to sit back and believe it, yes we have foreign owners, so have other clubs, it doesn't mean its all bad, does it?

My real argument to all this is very simple, why are they protesting in green and gold, when we are REDS and always have been, we are called "The Red Devils" not Green and Gold Devils for god's sake.

They say they are raising awareness by using these colours, no!!!

All they are really doing is splitting us into two sections and making that United spirit seem like yet another thing from the past.

People will not like me for my views. Well they seriously can kiss my ass. They don't give a toss how I feel.

Okay, now MUST are saying they have over 49.000 members who are ready to take over the club.

£1.2 billion divided into 49.000 still leaves a lot of money to be found by each member and selling a few scarves each game, is going towards this? Who is making the real money here, the people making the damn scarves and that's it and a small profit going to buy the club? Its a bit like the Glazers then really, a bit for the club and lot for the owners.

Like I have said, I want a Manchester United free of any debt, but I am also a realist, and unless some great benefactor comes a long and buys the Glazers out, it isn't going to happen.

Next big question: Will they actually sell the club? If they wanted rid of United, they had a chance recently, when they started touting the bonds around the world, they could have sold up then and moved on. I really do think they are here for the long haul and like any business its takes time to organise and lets face it. They have put money in as well. If I lent you a £1000, I would want the money back as well, wouldn't you?

If the likes of MUST, IMUSA, et al had the money at their disposal to buy the club then these protests would be all worthwhile. Then they seriously could go to Malcolm Glazer and try for the club or even buy up all the debt but the fact of all this. They don't have that yet and few games where the fans shout "Glazers out" is not going to make any difference to the whole situation.

The Glazers are not stupid. They know they are not liked and are quite willing to sit in the shadows not being seen until all this blows over again and it will, the minute United spend money again in the summer or win a major trophy, the focus moves again and the fans come out in their droves and are proud to wear the RED again.

I cannot join their Green and Gold campaign. Sorry guys, I will not join, make it a red campaign, I will join.

I am red all my life and I will die one, I have seen the likes of Best and Charlton play and all players right up to the present, was there when they went to the second division, when we had more higher gates than Division one and would do it again tomorrow if needed but ask me to go to Old Trafford looking like a Norwich fan i will not.

Hate me if you must, don't talk even, but just respect my opinion, is all I ask.

Rant over. 

United's (Very) Red Army.