T-Wolf Talk: Analyzing The Multi-Year Contracts

Ethan WeiserCorrespondent IJanuary 9, 2010

The Timberwolves have seven contracts expiring after this season totaling $23,203,155. They have eight other contracts totaling $32,036,500. They also have a plethora of draft picks, and some European players.

So without considering free agency, the Wolves are looking at this sort of future:

  • A team that is already playing with Corey Brewer, Wayne Ellington, Jonny Flynn, Ryan Gomes, Ryan Hollins, Al Jefferson, Kevin Love, and Ramon Sessions.
  • A team that will also be adding a high Timberwolves' pick, possibly Charlotte's pick, and some other lower picks.
  • Ricky Rubio and Nikola Pekovic.

Again, that team doesn't consider in the Wolves' free agency, which may turn out to be the most unpredictable part of Minnesota's off-season.

So, as Timberwolves fans do more than anything else, let's look at the future.

One thing that is on everyone's mind is distinguishing which players are tradable, and which are set in stone Timberwolves. Well if you look at every player, you can kind of see that no one is not tradeable.

  • Love or Jefferson may be traded to make room for a true center.
  • Flynn could easily be replaced with Rubio or John Wall, if the Wolves get that pick.
  • Sessions and Rubio are such good players that it's almost insulting to put them on the Wolves' bench.
  • If better players are available, Gomes, Brewer, Hollins, and Ellington are always up for grabs.

But who should actually stay here?

Ryan Gomes recently came out to say that he doesn't mind coming off the bench. I'm sure the Timberwolves don't mind it either, let's keep him.

Ryan Hollins is such an athletic, versatile player that it almost seems like a steal to keep him. Corey Brewer doesn't put up the highest numbers, but leads all Timberwolves in plays that get on the highlight reels. We wouldn't get much value for either of them, and we get a lot of value out of both.

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Wayne Ellington is showing improvement so rapidly that hanging onto him for a while may prove to give him more trading value, or just more value on the team.

And as it currently stands, the Wolves should just hang onto Jefferson, Love, and Flynn. Everyone says that Love and Jefferson are on the trading block, but I can't think of a single solid trade for either of them at the moment. Someone prove me wrong, because really, I can't think of one!

And as for Sessions, let's trade him.

So here's one answer: Let's keep them all (not Sessions).


Hollins/Brewer/Gomes/Ellington are such solid bench players for the future. Flynn, Love and Jefferson are the three biggest pieces to the Wolves' future in general. So while everyone is talking about Wolves' trades, why not just look at what the Wolves can get while keeping onto their core.

They have the Star in Rubio (PPG: 5.6 RPG: 3.2 APG: 5.1 SPG: 1.2 2P%: 38.9% 3P%: 36.8% FT%: 100%), and Nikola Pekovic (PPG: 15 RPG: 3.9 APG: 0.8 SPG: 0.4 2P%: 60% 3P%: 0% FT%: 68.4%)

They've got some draft picks with a lot of conditions that will probably get us a top three and a late first round pick.

And don't forget about the cap room. It's hard to count it as a lot or a little, but it's enough to have a lot of money to spend.

So with the current Timberwolves team, it doesn't have to be about trading talent, it can simply be about adding it.


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