So Much For The "Unbiased" Vote...Thanks HOF Writers.

Raider Card Addict@RaidercardadictSenior Writer IJanuary 8, 2010

LOS ANGELES, CA - JANUARY 1:  Cliff Branch #21 of the Los Angeles Raiders runs the ball against Mel Blount #47 of the Pittsburgh Steelers during the AFC Divisional playoff game at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum on January 1, 1984 in Los Angeles, California.  The Raiders won 38-10. (Photo by George Rose/Getty Images)
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Oh, the hope was something else for a while there.

The Pro Football Hall of Fame had their first draft, of the players to be chosen for the 2010 ballot. Out of this batch, 25 names were picked and during this process, fans were allowed to vote once per day for their favorites.

It is not surprising that the Raiders were dominating the top 10, controlling eight of the top 10 spots, only missing out on sixth, held by Emmitt Smith and Cris Carter, in at 10th.

Then today, they announced the selections for the 15 finalists, who would go on, dropping ten names.

Who was dropped?

How about the No. 1 fan selection, Cliff Branch. How about the usual suspect, Ray Guy. And Lester Hayes.

All three failed to move into the finalist field, while guys like Don Coryall, who didn't EVEN QUALIFY for the second round in fan voting, was selected for the finals. Some guys, who never played in a Super Bowl made it to the finals, like Cortez Kennedy or even won, like Andre Reed.

You have to wonder if the system needs to be fixed, revamped....retire the current crop of writers who select, and let the fans, the ones who pay for their sport, be allowed to decide who truly are great.

As it stands, the Raiders did have three players get selected to the finals. Two only played bit parts, Roger Craig and Jerry Rice. Tim Brown, who wore the silver and black for most of his career, was also selected.

If you want to throw something, it was asked of Michael Irvin who he thought besides Rice, should get in this year for WR.

His choice?

Andre Reed...Mr. four-time loser.

In a time, titles were considered the way to gain entry into the Hall of Fame. Winning as a team, having a ring, was like a birthright to Canton.

But somewhere in the last 20 years, these writers from across the country had a change of heart. 

They started putting guys who never reached the pinnacle of sports in. Names like Charlie Joiner, Jim Kelly and others, who either missed completely, or would reach the big game...and then fall flat on their face.

Does this mean the Hall of Fame is settling for less?


Now granted, some players deserve to move up. Emmitt Smith, obviously. Jerry Rice? No brainer. But how do these writers pass over players with multiple rings, for players who never reached that point?

Seems like that Dr. Z infection of bias has spread...someone get the antibiotics out.


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