How To Fix the MLB Hall of Fame: Start Kicking Out Writers

Joe ViolaCorrespondent IJanuary 7, 2010

The Hall of Fame Class of 2010 is the most disappointing class since 1996, when no one was voted in. Only Andre "Hawk" Dawson was voted in this year with 287 game winner, Bert Blyleven missing by five votes and 12-time All-Star Roberto Alomar missing by eight.

Other Hall of Fame snubs include Tim Raines, Jack Morris, Barry Larkin, Fred McGriff, Lee Smith, and Mark McGwire.

I've been watching the MLB Network and reading articles about how these players are snubbed because some of the voters aren't knowledgeable of these players because they weren't in big markets.

What! If there is somebody who doesn't know about Tim Raines because he played in Montreal, kick him out! You are deciding who will become one of the immortals of baseball, you need to know about the Montreal Expos!

Kick out everyone who doesn't know about a player because of the team he played with.

Then there's people of the opinion that some voters didn't vote for Allen Trammell or Barry Larkin because of Ozzie Smith and Cal Ripkin. What does that even mean! Just because Larkin played in the same time as arguably the greatest fielding shortstop ever doesn't mean he isn't a Hall of Famer, it just means Smith was better!

Now, let me get to Jon Heyman, one of the strangest Hall of Fame voters ever! He votes for Morris, a pitcher who didn't win 300 games and has a pretty high ERA but doesn't vote for Blyleven because he led the league in homers and earned runs, has a low winning percentage and has a high ERA! Heyman explains his decision for not voting for Bert because he isn't in the top 1 [ercemt of players, but Morris is.

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Heyman also voted for Dave Parker, a great player but I think everyone can agree Parker is not in the 1 percent greatest players ever.

Two more problems I have with Heyman is that he voted for Mattingly and not McGriff and he voted for Larkin and not Trammell. Give me reasons why one is better then the other.

I'm not picking on Heyman just to pick on him, I'm trying to make a point, there are a lot of voters just like him who votes contradict themselves and don't dig deeper into the players history. Heyman probably doesn't know that Blyleven didn't get 300 wins because he was on terrible teams.

The point I'm trying to make is this, we need to kick out some voters, not all of them. If someone doesn't vote then they should be kicked out, if they don't know the history of baseball, like who Tim Raines is, then kick them out.

The voters must also take into consideration that they have 10 votes, use them, don't use three and then say "I used three, that's enough, if my three get in I'll vote for Raines next year."

Also, I think there should be a rule that at least two players are voted in every year, it's a very reasonable rule.

Let me give you an example of how this would work. Dawson was the only player voted in, so the closes to 75 percent would become that second inductee, or there could be a second vote for the Hall of Fame, with every player who received more then 50 percent will be involved in it, every vote will get three votes and would have to use all three.

So, basically at some later time there would be a ballot with Blyleven, Alomar, Morris, and Larkin that would be voted on, and the player with the most votes become a Hall of Famer.

That's a start to reworking the Hall of Fame voting process.

Please tell me your thoughts on this year's Hall of Fame voting and my ideas to fix the process.

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