Donovan McNabb vs. Tony Romo: Who Is More Prepared for the Postseason?

Ryan CookFeatured ColumnistJanuary 7, 2010

PHILADELPHIA - NOVEMBER 04:  Donovan McNabb #5 of the Philadelphia Eagles talks with Tony Romo #9 of the Dallas Cowboys after their game on November 4, 2007 at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)
Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Before anyone begins to get too in-depth with this article, I'm going to throw a word out there for everyone to remember whilst reading it.  Choke.

Yes, choke, the term that everyone is so fond of using nowadays, can pretty much sum up these two guys careers in a nutshell.

So let's start with Tony.  A career that has had it's high points and it's low points, Tony Romo is still considered one of the premiere quarterbacks of today.  When it comes to the playoffs though, well I can't really say the same thing.

2006, the Cowboys were one of the teams to beat.  With Romo already the holder of the NFL's 'Galloping Gobbler' award, Romo and the Cowboys had secured a playoff spot.

Matched up with the Seattle Seahawks in the first round, the Cowboys were down 21-20 late in the 4th quarter.  Anyone who doesn't remember what happened next isn't a true football fan.  With a bobbled snap and an attempted run toward the end zone, the Cowboys once again lost a playoff game.

With that being one of the Cowboys, and Romo's biggest chokes in his career, where does that leave Donovan McNabb?

Well this rewind is a little more recent.

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After an impressive playoff run in the 2008 season, the Eagles made an impressive march toward the NFC Championship Game.  Most people were confident that the Eagles could pull off the victory.  After all, McNabb had been playing well, Westbrook had been rushing well and Brian Dawkins and the Eagles defense was red hot.  Therefore, most people expected to see the same form come the last game before the Super Bowl.


McNabb had actually played quite well in the game.  With 375 yards on 47 attempts and three touchdowns to only one interception, it was hard to calculate mathematically how the Eagles had only scored 6 points in the first half.

The second half was much the same from McNabb.  Great stats posted, but at the end the Arizona Cardinals came out victors with a convincing 35-25 win.  McNabb was then criticised for weeks to come.  Apparent accuracy problems were the blame of the Eagles loss to the Cardinals.  Although the defense was at fault as well.

With all this in the past though, where does it leave our two quarterbacks heading into next weeks fixture?

Some people will call it a 'Choker v Choker' match.  I prefer to call it a battle of two quarterbacks that are willing to take risks.

Tony Romo had had a great December.  With a win over New Orleans to start it all, he is coming into this game with a passer rating of 97.6.  A win already under his belt against the Eagles last week leaves him with the confidence that he so surely needs heading back to Cowboys Stadium on Saturday.

Donovan McNabb isn't to be taken lightly either.  With a lower passer rating of 92.9, McNabb's numbers are all lower than Romo's on his 2009 season.  One thing he does have in his favor though is coaching.  Andy Reid isn't going to let last week's loss effect his side going into Saturday's match up, and he sure as hell isn't going to let it effect his quarterback.

Out of the two though, the edge would have to go to Tony Romo.  Only nine interceptions on the season and twenty six touchdowns, gives him the edge stats wise. 

Ranked third in passing yards behind Peyton Manning and Matt Schaub, Tony Romo also has his go to guy, and roommate Miles Austin to rely on.  With this week ahead, you can guarantee that the two have read the playbook top to bottom while in their hotel room.

Home field advantage also plays into Romo's hands, especially since he doesn't have a certain girl dressed in a pink number 9 jersey to distract him this year.  Instead his head is in the game, and for once, out of the media.

With all these positives working in Romo's favor, expect him to have a big game.  Risks will payoff in this one, especially since Miles Austin is red hot. 

One thing Romo must avoid though is not taking enough risks.  In a forth and short situation, I think it is important for them to go for it early.  Gain even more confidence, and not settle for field goals.

If it doesn't work early though, change it.  A good mixture of run and pass can win the game for either team.  Both have the ability at the running back position, and at the quarterback position.

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