They Say A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Words

Steven ResnickSenior Writer IJanuary 6, 2010

There's a quote that states "a picture is worth 1,000 words." Well in this case this picture speaks volumes and this picture is just another example on the long list of the incompetency of NBA referees.

On the play one of the most ridiculous calls at the end of the game that I have ever seen was made. The fact is there should not have been a whistle blown and the picture proves this.

Now if you're listening to the Denver Nuggets broadcast like I was from NBA.com, their announcers stated that Ellis had gotten Smith with his lower body. ESPN echoed the same information with the highligt of the game. Yet, both are clearly wrong the picture clearly shows that Ellis is nowhere near making contact with Smith.

My queston now becomes why are NBA fans subjected to the worst officials in all the major sports? Every year the officiating has gotten worse and worse!

What's sad though is that the NBA wants to expand overseas. Which is a great idea, but in my opinion the biggest hurdle is the referee situaton needs to be fixed before the NBA can even think about expanding overseas.

At this point major changes need to come into place for the NBA! First of all the head of the NBA officials needs to be fired because he's clueless.

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Next it's time to get rid of the aging monsters who have no place being in the league to begin with. Referees like Dick Bavetta and Joey Crawford should be long gone.

Bringing up referees from either the D-League or the college ranks to start the replacement of the refs would help the NBA go a long way.

Another issue the NBA needs to look into as the Nuggets announcers had suggested tonight in the broadcast is if a player is near the basket and attempts a layup, but misses a foul will be called because it was missed, but if the shot is made then the referee will not call a foul. That's another change that needs to be addressed immediately!

An example of this was Andris Biedrins in tonight's game. He caught a pass, faked one Nugget defender and went up for a layup and got fouled. The referee on the play waited until the shot was missed before calling a foul.

If Biedrins had made the shot no foul would have been called. The NBA is not the NFL, if a player is fouled, regardless if the shot goes in or not, the foul needs to be called. There should be no waiting by a referee to make sure the ball went into the basket or not.

Lastly, the superstar treatment needs to go! Let's say Kobe Bryant was the player that was going for the block on Smith instead of Ellis. Would there have been a foul called on Bryant? What if it was Lebron James? Dwyane Wade? Dwight Howard? Carmelo Anthony? Steve Nash? Chris Paul? The answer is there's no way in hell that a foul would have been called in that same situation. So, if it's not a foul for those players, then why is it a foul on Ellis?

The answer is that there should have never been a foul call made on Ellis, but the reason it was called is because Ellis isn't as big of a name as the other players. Which just further proves just how incompetent these referees are!


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