NFL LVP's: And the Nominations Are...

Ryan CookFeatured ColumnistJanuary 2, 2010

We're all used to seeing the most prestigious players compete for the NFL's Most Valuable Player award.  Season in and season out it is always fight to the finish, and in the end the most deserving normally comes out on top.

But who is the NFL's Least Valuable Player?  Who among all the others has played the worst style of football?  Dropped the most passes?  And above all, not helped their team in the slightest way possible?

Well here are the nominations.

1. JaMarcus Russell, QB Oakland Raiders

Some people may disagree with me on this.  That's fair enough.  Although when you've only completed 111 passes out of your attempted 232 on the season, surely you know something is wrong.  To top that all off, a quarterback rating of 49.6 sums up JaMarcus' 2009 season, and definitely puts him in the running for this years LVP.

2. Nick Folk, Former Kicker Dallas Cowboys

From a 2007 Pro Bowl selection, to current free agent.  Nick Folk only has himself to blame really.  Like many kickers this year in the NFL, Folk has struggled a lot.  Missing numerous field goals, particularly a crucial one in the Dallas vs New Orleans game that could have sealed the deal for the Cowboys, made it that much easier for the Cowboys to let him go.

Making only 18 after attempting 28 on the season simply isn't good enough.  That is why he is up here among the other LVP's on the season.

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3. Jim Zorn, Coach Washington Redskins

Normally these awards are only handed out to players, but surely we couldn't have an award (show?) without featuring the NFL's brightest star.  That's right give a round of applause for Jim Zorn.

I used to like this guy, I really did.  At the start of the season the Redskins were much like the Yankees, spending and spending some more.  With highly talented players being brought into this team, most people gave them a shot at winning the NFC East this year.  We know how that story turned out though.

At 4-11 with a game in hand this week at San Diego, the only place the Redskins are going is back to the drawing board.  They must be damn good friends by now.

Zorn was set to change this franchise.  Instead he collapsed and so did the entire team.  At least he did the classy thing and tried to step down from the head coaching job, but for some reason he is still there hanging on by a thread.

4. T.J Houshmandzadeh
, WR Seattle Seahawks

A really hard pick for me to select, but it had to be done.  Maybe it's just the way the Seahawks are playing at the moment that makes T.J seem not his usual self, but there is something notably different about the way he is playing. 

This story is much like the Deion Branch one.  From a top team where he was recognized as one of the NFL's elite, down to an under performing team where he is merely another player.

T.J's numbers aren't neccesarily bad, but they could be better. His 76 receptions for 845 yards and only 3 touchdowns differs from his 2007 season in Cincinnati.  He still has time to turn it around, but the Seahawks really need to help him out.

5. Derek Anderson, QB Cleveland Browns

Let's put it this way.  When you have more interceptions than you do touchdowns, you really have to question if you've chosen the right career path.  Derek Anderson showed promise, he looked good at times. 

Once again though, a quarterback that could have made a name for himself, didn't.  Nine interceptions and only 3 touchdowns for only 802 yards is about as good as it gets for Browns fans right now. 

Those are the nominations for this years awards.

Out of the five candidates it is arguable as to who is the most deserving.  Out of all the under performing athletes though, the easiest person to give the award to is Nick Folk.  Constantly scrutinized all season long, and not living up to his reputation as a good kicker, Folk has made a meal of his career.  Currently next to his name it says "Free Agent," don't be surprised if sooner or later someone edits in "Permanent Free Agent."

From what once was an established kicker in the NFL, Folk would be lucky to resign with a team.  That's why is the Least Valuable Player for the 2009/2010 season.

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