Bret Hart Returning To WWE Is Most Refreshing Storyline in Years!

christopher velasquezContributor IIJanuary 2, 2010

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    I have to admit being a long time wrestling fan I have always hoped that Bret Hart would return to wrestling. It is even difficult for me to write this because of all of the history that goes with a story like this. I assume that most of you reading this are very familiar with the history between Bret Hart and WWE but I will give you a brief history for those that are not as I outline my reasons for why this is the most refreshing concept since the attitude era.

   The Bret Hart storyline has been in development since the mid 90's.

   Professional wrestling has a history of incorporating real life circumstances into its developmental storylines but this one is different. Never before has a wrestler and a promoter had a rivalry that extends into a storyline years later. The story between Bret Hart and Vincent Kennedy Mcmahon goes back to the time in which a match was fixed so that Bret would leave the WWE without holding the title. Shawn Michaels was Brets opponent that match and since then it has been one of the most discussed matches in pro wrestling history. This upcoming storyline is significant because it is real life circumstances mixed in with a storyline which could result in just about anything.

Bret Hart returning to WWE is a return to more serious storylines.

   Since WWE changed its rating to PG the characters and direction of the programming has changed dramatically. One of the greatest indications of that change can be seen with DX. This was once a faction in wrestling that was very edgey during the attitude era but lately we have see it become very PG oriented. The incorporation of a mascot that appeals to children furthur cements the fact that WWE is not what it was during Bret Harts last tenure there. The return of Bret Hart though changes the programming to become more adult themed at least in this particular storyline. If you have noticed when commenting on the Bret Hart situation Shawn Michaels has dropped the current DX character and become noticebly more seriouse. This change can also be seen with Vince McMahon. I would venture to guess that this storyline could lead to another transitioning movement from WWE to a different programming approach.  

The Return of Bret Hart breaths new life into all of the characters that he was rivals with.

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    It is no secret that WWE programming has gotten to be repetitive over the last couple of years. Top caliber performer such as HBK and HHH have been put into the same situations making there characters in need of perhaps a more creative direction. The return of Bret Hart has the capability of making the creative direction fresh again. Given all that a character like Shawn Michaels has accomplished it would be hard to think about what else he could accomplish in wrestling. The perfect solution to that is to put him back into a program with Bret Hart in any way possible. This is a old program between both Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels that never had closure. Now that this rivalry has a opportunity to gain closure one can only think that it would make for some compelling television.     

The  Bret Hart rivalry between Canadian wrestling fans and American fans could be brought back.

    Canadian wrestling fans have always been very strong Bret Hart supporters and now with his return it is likely that this will only intensify. Athletes such as the Hart Dynasty will be helped greatly by one of the greatest members of their family dynasty coming back to WWE programming. A lot of people feel that Bret Hart will help his family get over to the level that he was. If Bret can help the Hart Dynasty become impact players pardon the pun (Justin Credible and Lance Storm) then we as wrestling fans are in for a great year.             

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