Hockey Quotes and Anecdotes

Miah D.Senior Writer IJune 18, 2008

Feeling the blues because there is no hockey? Well, chin up and take a time to enjoy some funny Hockey anecdotes!

So here is my Top 10.

1972 Summit Series Canada-Russia:

Arriving in their Hotel in Russia, the Canadian team was convinced that their room had been bugged.

"We searched the room for microphones, said Phil Esposito.

"In the center of the room, we have found a funny-looking metal embedded in the floor. We figured we had found the bug. We dug it out and heard a crash beneath us. We had released the anchor to the chandelier in the ceiling below."

Wayne Gretzky's mother and her curtains:

Walter Gretzky (father) always wanted to save money for hockey equipments and such. Once, his mother said that she needed a new pair of curtains.

Wayne Gretzky remembers his Father saying "Hang a couple of sheets up. We gotta get Wayne a new pair of skates."

Don Cherry vs. Phil Esposito:

Phil Esposito was called into the office of Boston Bruins' Don Cherry. The coach announced that Esposito was going to be traded to another team.

Esposito replied "Okay, but if you say New York Rangers, I am going to jump out that window."

Then, Don Cherry looked as his assistant, "Bobby, open the window."

Don Cherry: Be careful what you wish for:

Don Cherry, "When I was a kid, I used to pray the Lord to make me a Hockey player. But I forgot to mention the NHL, so I spent 16 years in the minors!"

Bobby Orr and his "thinking":

Orr was once asked why did he have a protective cup, but not a helmet.

Orr's response: "I can always get someone else to do my thinking for me!"

Bill Houlder vs. Mario Lemieux:

As a rookie defense-man, Houlder saw Mario Lemieux on a one-on-one against him.

"I kept seeing his arms going back and forth, moving the puck down by my feet.

I was thinking, 'That puck's got to be right down there...When I finally looked down, my feet were weaving so badly that I fell flat on my backside"

However, Lemieux did not score since Houlder fell right on the puck! Later, Lemieux came to him, "Sorry about that kid".

Houdler's response: "That's all right. I don't think you'll have to worry about seeing me out there too much more tonight."

Is Gary Bettman really the man for the job?

When he has been assigned as a commissioner for the NHL, his former NBA colleagues were worrying that Bettman would not have enough Hockey experience for the job.

Orlando Magic Pat Williams once joked: "I gave Gary a Hockey puck once, and he spent the rest of the day trying to open it!"

The Stanley Cup being mistreated!

The Montreal Canadiens (1993 edition) and the Pittsburgh Penguins (1991 edition) had the idea of putting the puck in Mario Lemieux and Patrick Roy's respective pool. The diagnosis: "The cup does not float", answers Guy Carbonneau.

That is apparently how Dominik Hasek had his days with the cup cut short for trying to do the same.

Wayne Cashman's celebrations:

After the Boston Bruins won the Cup in 1970, there were citywide celebrations. Wayne Cashman felt like he would be needed to help at an intersection, which however turned out worse, gathering even more traffic.

When the police arrived, Cashman refused to leave his post, feeling unappreciated. Cashman was eventually arrested that night.

A little embarrassing moment:

Dave Hanson vs. Bobby Hull in the WHA. "In the middle of the melee we both stopped," recalled Hanson. "I look up and Bobby does not look the same as when we started. I look at my hand and I had just pulled off his toupee!"

"I was a bit shocked. I threw it on the ice." 


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