AEW Rampage Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from May 6

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistMay 6, 2022

AEW Rampage Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from May 6

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    Credit: All Elite Wrestling

    Welcome to Bleacher Report's coverage and recap of All Elite Wrestling Rampage on May 6.

    This week's show aired with a special start time of 5:30 PM EST, so fans had to tune in extra early to see the action from Friday's episode as it aired on TNT. 

    AEW has been bringing in talents from Japan to hype up the Forbidden Door event coming up on June 26, and this week continued that trend with Konosuke Takeshita making the trip to the U.S. to battle Jay Lethal.

    Tony Storm teamed up with fellow former WWE Superstar Ruby Soho to take on the duo of Dr. Britt Baker DMD and her heavy, Jamie Hayter. 

    JD Drake fought an uphill battle against Hook, and Yuka Sakazaki returned to AEW TV to face Riho in a qualifying match for the Owen Hart Cup.

    Let's look at everything that happened on this week's episode of Rampage. 

Toni Storm and Ruby Soho vs. Britt Baker and Jamie Hayter

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    Credit: All Elite Wrestling

    The first match of the night was a tag team meeting between four of the women who have qualified for the Owen Hart Foundation Tournament. Storm and Hayter locked up with some aggression to get things going. 

    Ruby and Baker wanted to get their hands on each other and had ample opportunities throughout this match, but you could also see how much Storm and Hayter wanted to punch each other in the face. Both feuds felt like they were addressed well. 

    The pace was steady and picked up nicely as they worked toward the finish. After Baker and Hayter came close to winning with a string of hard-hitting moves, Storm scored the win for her team by pinning DMD. 

    Grade: B+


    Notable Moments and Observations

    • AEW starting Ruby's music at the beginning of the hook instead of the beginning of the song has always been a weird choice. 
    • There's an extra layer of confidence to everything Ruby does. Even if she and her opponent find themselves about to make a mistake, Ruby can adjust on the fly. 
    • The spot where Soho laid herself across the top turnbuckle to prevent Storm from hitting it is so old-school. You don't see it much these days. 
    • The sequence Baker and Hayter used on Storm near the end of the match looked great. 

Hook vs. JD Drake

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    Credit: All Elite Wrestling

    Hook found himself giving up quite a bit of size and power to Drake, but that didn't stop him from dominating the match and winning in less than two minutes.

    Danhausen came out after the match and asked Hook if he would be in his corner when he takes on Tony Nese. The crowd went nuts for this idea and began chanting "Hookhausen."

    The floppy-haired fighter shoved Danhausen to the ground, but instead of trying to curse him. Danhausen left him a bag of chips as a birthday gift before leaving. Hook left them in the ring and made his way to the back.

    This is ridiculous and dumb, but it's also brilliant and hilarious. Sometimes, that is exactly what pro wrestling needs to be. 

    Grade: B


    Notable Moments and Observations

    • Hook using a headbutt to block a chop was pretty creative. 
    • AEW has a guaranteed hit with Hookhausen as long as it doesn't wait too long to get to the payoff. 

Riho vs. Yuka Sakazaki

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    Credit: All Elite Wrestling

    Sakazaki returned to AEW television for the first time in several months to take on Riho in an Owen Cup qualifying match. 

    These two have some history between them, but since both are babyfaces, this whole match was fought respectfully with more emphasis on takedowns and holds than punches and kicks. However, that changed a bit after the commercial break. 

    Sakazaki was the aggressor until the former AEW women's champion hit a bulldog out of the corner to bring her down hard. From that point forward, they were both doing everything they could to inflict damage.

    As it looked like Sakazaki was about to win, Riho rolled her up with a nice pinning combination for the victory. This was a lot of fun and showed how far Sakazaki has come since AEW started. 

    Grade: B


    Notable Moments and Observations

    • Sakazaki has put on a bit of muscle since we last saw her. It makes her look more capable of dishing out a little punishment. 
    • The announcers noted that Riho wearing black gear was slightly out of character for her and might indicate a shift in personality, but she acted the same as she always does. 
    • Sakazaki hit a flatliner from the top rope that looked like it would have hurt her more than Riho. 

Konosuke Takeshita vs. Jay Lethal

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    Credit: All Elite Wrestling

    The main event of the evening was an AEW vs. DDT Pro Wrestling bout featuring Takeshita making his Rampage debut against Lethal. 

    Takeshita scored the first takedown with a waistlock to get things going. Satnam Singh and Sonjay Dutt were at ringside to support Lethal, but Takeshita did not look too worried about them. 

    The big man eventually provided a distraction that allowed Lethal to hit a suicide dive that put him firmly in control. After a hard-fought battle, Lethal scored the win. 

    Best Friends came to the ring to confront Lethal's new group, but Singh made sure it was a one-sided brawl. Orange Cassidy was wise enough to avoid the big man. 

    Samoa Joe tried to join the fight but was stopped by security before he could get to the ring. The match was solid, and the post-match angle helped keep the feud between Lethal and Joe going. 

    Grade: B


    Notable Moments and Observations

    • Scorpio Sky, Ethan Page, Dan Lambert and Frankie Kazarian had a segment before this match that clearly implied Sky will turn babyface at some point. The dig at Tay Conti felt unnecessary since she wasn't involved in the segment, but everything else about what Sky said was leading to the face turn.
    • Lethal's hip toss into a cartwheel dropkick was smooth. 
    • The elevation Takeshita got when he hit a slingshot crossbody over the top rope was wild. 
    • Takeshita hitting a clothesline that turned Lethal inside out from the top rope was the spot of the night.