7 WWE Wrestlers Who Could Star in a Current-Day nWo

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistJuly 10, 2021

7 WWE Wrestlers Who Could Star in a Current-Day nWo

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    Credit: WWE.com

    This week marked the 25th anniversary of the formation of one of the most popular and influential stables in pro wrestling history, the New World Order.

    The group was started when Scott Hall and Kevin Nash jumped from WWE to WCW and began invading episodes of Nitro. During their first big match at Bash at the Beach 1996, Hulk Hogan joined them to form the trifecta that would serve as the backbone of the group for almost three years.

    As time progressed, the faction added more members to its ranks. Eventually, this caused the group to become crowded and necessitated the need to split it up into separate groups because of issues growing between certain members.

    The nWo fizzled out, and so did WCW soon after, but it remains one of the most successful groups in wrestling history and still pushes merchandise to this day. 

    One big thing Hollywood and pro wrestling have in common is the inability to move on from the past. The film industry is constantly churning out remakes, reboots and revivals, and pro wrestling is just as likely to revisit storylines and feuds from the past that proved successful. 

    The value of the nWo brand makes it a prime target for WWE to introduce a new incarnation at some point just to capitalize on the press it would garner. Let's take a look at which current WWE Superstars would be perfect for a new version of the New World Order. 

    We will focus on trying to replicate the original formula by matching Superstars for specific roles in a heel faction. 

John Cena

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    The most prominent member of the nWo was Hollywood Hulk Hogan. While his career in acting was only a short part of his life, he used that fame to create a heel persona that was much different from his original heroic character everyone knew from WWE.

    John Cena might not be a full-time wrestler, but there are always rumors circulating about a potential return to the ring, so he would be the ideal person to take on the role of the movie star leader.

    Cena is a legit box office star now. With appearances in F9 and the upcoming Suicide Squad film, his stock is about to be on the rise. Getting him for even a short-term run as the leader of a new nWo would be huge for WWE.

    The only potential issue would be if Cena wasn't willing to turn heel. He spent the majority of his career as a babyface and might not want to risk younger fans thinking he is actually a bad guy when it comes time for his next family-friendly comedy to be released. 

    Cena has the star power and the charisma to pull off a role like this, especially if it was only designed to last for a short period of time before he returned to his acting career. 

The Street Profits

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    Hogan may have been the de facto leader of the nWo because of his popularity, but the real driving force behind the group in its early days was the duo of Hall and Nash.

    The Outsiders had the biggest personalities and the skill to back up every insult they dished out. A new nWo would need a team that can fill the position of trash-talkers who can also get the job done.

    Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins would be excellent in a role like this because they have huge personalities and the in-ring skill to have a good match with just about anyone.

    Their personalities would mesh well with Cena's, and a run as heels would give them the opportunity to let loose a bit more with their promos. 


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    For a little over a year during the early part of the nWo's existence, Syxx was one of the most prominent members of the group. His high-flying style was vastly different from the other members, making him the resident cruiserweight of the nWo.

    WWE has several aerial acrobats who could fill that position in the group, but the one who deserves and needs the push most is Ricochet. 

    Other than a few brief feuds, WWE has struggled to find the best way to use him. He is doing alright as a babyface, but it might be time to consider giving him a run as a heel to see if that clicks better.

    Being a bad guy in the nWo would allow Ricochet to show off more of his personality and embrace the fact that he is one of the best in the world at what he does. Bragging about making a 630 from the top rope look easy would be a piece of cake for him. 

Shayna Baszler and Sonya Deville

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    One thing the original nWo failed to do was feature women in prominent roles. The group had a few women as members, but they were usually valets who didn't get much attention from management.

    If we are looking at a modern version of the group, having a couple of wrestlers from the women's division would be important to help give the group a wider appeal. WWE has more than enough talented performers who would fit well, but there are two who would be perfect.

    Shayna Baszler and Sonya Deville are both ideal additions to the stable for different reasons. When it comes to Baszler, she needs something to get her away from Nia Jax and Reginald.

    The Queen of Spades is one of the few legitimate fighters on the roster. WWE can put her in the ring with anyone and she will be a major threat.

    As far as Deville goes, this would be a way to make up for lost time. Her unplanned absence from WWE and her new role as an authority figure have kept her out of the ring for far too long. 

    Baszler and Deville would be great as a tag team or as individual competitors. If the group spanned multiple brands, they could each have their own women's titles to pursue or go after the Women's Tag Team Championships together. 

    They have the attitudes, personalities and skills to be integral members of a modern-day New World Order. 

Shane McMahon

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    Eric Bischoff was one of the keys to nWo's success because he represented an authority figure with power who decided to work against his own employer. It was a unique idea at the time that helped the group remain dominant for most of its run.

    The only person who has the personality and perceived backstage power to pull off something like this is Shane McMahon.

    Shane-O-Mac is a somewhat controversial figure among fans. He is always given credit for the risky spots he performs, but many people have grown tired of his whole gimmick, especially during his feud with Braun Strowman leading up to WrestleMania 37.

    Being the man behind nWo might be a chance for him to contribute in a non-wrestling capacity. His ability to garner heat would be an asset to the entire faction, especially as heels. 

    Whether you love him or hate him, most people have strong feelings about McMahon, and that makes him valuable. In the wrestling business, being hated is just as good as being loved from a marketing standpoint. 

Honorable Mentions

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    Credit: WWE.com

    As everyone knows, the nWo had a revolving door. Members cycled in and out constantly before it got so big that different versions of the group were formed to accommodate everyone who was involved.

    If WWE planned a new nWo as a long-term storyline, we would probably see something similar. Here is a list of people who would fit right in with the all-new New World Order.

    Dolph Ziggler: The Showoff has the charisma and athleticism needed to be a standout member of any group. He's already a heel who likes leather jackets, so he's halfway there. 

    Charlotte Flair: The Nature Boy was never a member of the original WCW version of the nWo, which is exactly why The Queen should be included at some point. Joining the group her father fought so hard against would be an act of rebellion that could fuel another family feud between them.

    Rhea Ripley: Much like Ziggler, Ripley has the attitude required to be a New World Order mainstay. Her physicality in the ring would make her a huge asset to the group. 

    Damian Priest: Not only does Priest have the right look to be a member of the nWo, but his relationship with Bad Bunny would help bring him into the fold as a celebrity member similar to Dennis Rodman back in the day. 

    Sami Zayn: As a conspiracy theorist, it would be hilarious to see Zayn become a member of a group whose name is somewhat inspired by a conspiracy theory about a worldwide government.

    Riddick Moss: Every stable needs a guy who eats the pin when they lose. At least it would give Moss something to do. 

    Eva Marie: As one of the most despised Superstars by the hardcore fandom, Marie would be able to get instant heat for the group just by picking up a mic. Like her or not, that kind of hatred would be to the benefit of a heel group, especially if she focuses on being a manager instead of a wrestler.

    Slapjack and Reckoning: Shane Thorne and Mia Yim are talented wrestlers who were completely buried as Slapjack and Reckoning after Retribution broke up. They both deserve a second chance with a new group.

    Sasha Banks: The Boss would be a natural addition to the group, with her overabundance of confidence and mainstream appeal. Every stable could benefit from having a Mandalorian on staff.