Booking Decisions Fans Want to See WWE Make at 2020 Hell in a Cell

Chris Roling@@Chris_RolingFeatured ColumnistOctober 23, 2020

Booking Decisions Fans Want to See WWE Make at 2020 Hell in a Cell

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    WWE's 2020 edition of Hell in a Cell sits positioned to end several prominent feuds and potentially send things off in thrilling directions for the winter months. 

    Several top storylines have been building for months, and the unique pay-per-view comes right after another draft and "season premiere" editions of Raw and SmackDown. 

    Granted, at this point, several of the top matches on a smaller-looking card have been done repeatedly of late, but throwing the Superstars into the structure known as the Hell in a Cell has a way of finalizing things. 

    While actual usage of the cell has been a bit overdone lately—and it'll get used at least three times Sunday—there are some clear payoffs fans want to see at the event. 

Something Happens with the Briefcase

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    Hey, remember the Money in the Bank briefcase? 

    WWE slapped it on Otis at the same-titled PPV in what feels like a long time ago. It made sense at the time because he was one of the most over Superstars of the audience-less era.

    Then WWE disappeared him. 

    But Otis is back and so is his briefcase, though he isn't exactly threatening for either top title right now. Instead, he's messing around with an alter ego in the Lucha style to appear on Raw and still has a little feud with The Miz going. 

    At this point, fans just want to see something happen with the briefcase. Maybe that's The A-Lister obtaining it at Hell in a Cell; maybe it's Otis deciding to use it in a creative manner in the tag or women's divisions.

    Either way, WWE needs to finish off this plot hole that has gone on for too long. 

Elias Looks Strong

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    Elias might not be the most popular character in WWE programming, but he's a welcome sight after a return from injury. 

    WWE seems to feel the same way considering it has immediately thrown him into a prominent feud with Jeff Hardy and even placed that match on a smaller card for Sunday's pay-per-view. 

    It's a fun chance for Elias to get a sort of reset in the minds of fans moving forward. If it happens correctly, he could be the sort of villain the main event scene needs, especially while Drew McIntyre is in a bit of a holding pattern, potentially until fans fully return to arenas. 

    At this point, Hardy can take a loss and be just fine in the minds of fans. Elias returning and losing right out of the gates to pretty much anyone would have him feeling like more of the same, which is bad for all involved. 

Sasha Banks Finally Gets Her Win

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    It might be hard to find a segment of WWE fans who want to see Bayley retain over Sasha Banks inside the cell Sunday. 

    The Role Model has had an incredibly long, and oftentimes strong run as SmackDown women's champion. But her turn on Banks and the need for an interesting shakeup to the division would seem to necessitate that her reign naturally comes to an end inside Hell in a Cell. 

    This has just as much to do with The Legit Boss, too, considering she's always played the underdog who feels like she hasn't had that big win, instead playing second fiddle to Superstars such as Charlotte Flair. 

    Here's the kicker: Banks can organically win Sunday and the feud doesn't have to end. These two Superstars have elevated their game beyond most in this audience-less era, so it feels like there is no result that could really end the rivalry anyway. 

    The Boss winning the title would add a fresh dynamic, though, as these two seemingly continue to march toward a WrestleMania 37 showdown. 

Drew McIntyre Sends Randy Orton Packing

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    The Drew McIntyre-Randy Orton feud has run its course, right? 

    It seemed like an Ambulance match would be the natural conclusion to the feud, yet it somehow wasn't after WWE legends got their shots in on The Viper and played a role in the outcome. 

    And yet, Sunday's Hell in a Cell match could end up feeling pretty similar to the other men's cell match in its gritty and violent nature that is almost guaranteed to feature some blood. And while it's playing a secondary role to the Roman Reigns-Jey Uso contest, it has the potential to steal the show. 

    Show-stealing or not, this match needs to end the feud. It started as a holding-pattern ordeal because Orton didn't have anything to do after Edge was sidelined due to injury. At this stage, it feels like it could actually risk harming The Viper's standing with fans because it has dragged on for this long. 

    All of this is another way of saying McIntyre needs to win, by the way. With the draft complete, he deserves a fresh feud. 

Roman Reigns Finishes off Jey Uso

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    The blood feud has to have a bloody end, doesn't it? 

    Roman Reigns has been so good as a heel since his return at SummerSlam on Aug. 23 that he's had a two-month feud with Jey Uso, giving a main event feel to a guy really only known for his tag team work. 

    And it only feels right that the two settle this one last time in a cell. It will probably loop in Jimmy Uso in a smart manner, but the real point of this is another escalation of just how evil The Big Dog can get while putting his own bloodlines in their place. 

    Remember, their last encounter at Clash of Champions four weeks ago featured Reigns just not letting up, even notably making Paul Heyman uncomfortable. This isn't the cocky Heyman alongside a prizefighter like Brock Lesnar, this is Heyman alongside something bordering on sadistic at times that even he can't control. 

    Based on how good the storytelling was in the last match because there wasn't enough crowd noise to drown out what the two were saying, it's only right for fans to want more of the same, this time in a cage.