The Fiend Headlines WWE Draft Night 2, Lana's Clever Win and More Raw Fallout

Erik Beaston@@ErikBeastonFeatured ColumnistOctober 13, 2020

The Fiend Headlines WWE Draft Night 2, Lana's Clever Win and More Raw Fallout

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    Night 2 of the WWE draft got off to a fiendish start and wrapped up with a most unlikely victor in the main event.

    Bray Wyatt earned the No. 1 pick of Monday's broadcast to jump to a brand that will hopefully better suit him and his character, while Lana sneakily earned a Raw Women's Championship match against Asuka next week by way of her clever win.

    In between, Elias returned with a vengeance by attacking Jeff Hardy with a guitar, and The New Day and The Street Profits made an unprecedented championship swap.

    Dive deeper into the October 12 episode of WWE's flagship with this recap of the USA Network presentation.

'The Fiend' Bray Wyatt Headlines Uneven Draft

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    After missing out on hearing his name called Friday night on SmackDown, former universal champion "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt made up for it as the first pick of Monday's second night of the draft.

    Arguably the biggest name left in the talent pool on Raw, leaves a blue brand now ruled by Roman Reigns and joins a red brand in desperate need of heels beyond Randy Orton.

    For the majority of his run, Wyatt has been left to the mercy of the writing team.

    His main event push has been stopped and started to facilitate both Goldberg's WrestleMania 36 program and Reigns' return to action following five months off due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Now, he has the opportunity to build stories, create rivalries and fully realize his vision for The Fiend persona.

    And Raw will be better off for it.

    The red brand has lacked a creative spark, an energy that comes only from a character that breaks the mold. Wyatt's split personality does just that and allows the Raw writing team to play a bit more than one-dimensional bad guys like Orton, The Hurt Business and whatever Retribution is supposed to be.

    It is a mutually beneficial move and one that may prove to be the best of the entire draft.

Lana Gets Creative for First Major Win In...Forever

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    In the realm of the WWE Universe, no one has ever accused Lana of being the cleverest wrestler out there. That worked to her advantage Monday night, though.

    After a breakup with tag team partner Natalya, she suffered another Samoan Drop through an announce table courtesy of Nia Jax during the dual brand Battle Royal to determine a new No. 1 contender to Asuka's Raw Women's Championship.

    Later, moments after her former tag team partner appeared to get back to winning ways by eliminating Lacey Evans and claiming the coveted title opportunity, The Ravishing Russian reentered the ring and booted Nattie to the floor.

    See, she was never actually eliminated from the match. She took the bump, then laid on the floor until the opportune time and struck, robbing her former friend of the moment she had been seeking.

    We have seen such an ending before, but the fact that WWE tied the table spot—previously established after weeks of repetitive booking—was a new twist that worked incredibly well.

    The best part about it is that it put heat on Lana and Natalya from the get-go.

    There was no one-sided match to get the WWE Universe apathetic toward the feud. Instead, there was an actual angle that fans will be able to sink their teeth into as the story progresses from here.

    Of course, that may be giving too much credit to WWE Creative and Lana could well be eating a Sharpshooter at some point over the next two weeks to really downplay her as the company "gets even" with Rusev (now Miro) for joining All Elite Wrestling.

    In a vacuum, though, this worked and spotlighted Lana well in a prominent position.

Apparently, Elias Doesn't Watch WWE TV

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    Elias doesn't watch WWE TV.

    That is the biggest takeaway from his attack on Jeff Hardy.

    Citing the car accident that left him injured and was credited to Hardy, he returned with a vengeance and attacked The Charismatic Enigma with a guitar shot to the back.

    Had the sinister songster paid attention, he would have known Hardy had been essentially acquitted of the assault, with the real red-headed perpetrator still at large. (It was probably Sheamus before WWE Creative got lazy and stopped caring.)

    Of course, that would require him to stop drifting, find a TV somewhere and watch the show made by the company he works for. Instead, he did whatever wayward musicians do and is now back for a midcard program with Hardy.

    As long as it doesn't involve exploiting the veteran's real demons, or whodunnit car accidents, it is a suitable program for both as they rejoin the red brand.

WWE Creative Sets Aside the Convoluted and Makes Easy Title Swap

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    WWE has a long history of complicating things. It overthinks and makes things so convoluted that logic flies right out the window.

    Monday, The Street Profits were drafted to SmackDown, seemingly taking the red brand tag titles to Friday nights. Conversely, The New Day had just brought the blue brand titles to Mondays by way of the draft.

    Rather than concocting some ridiculous angle to get the titles to the right brand, Vince McMahon and the writing team simply booked a backstage vignette in which the two teams swapped the titles.

    It was almost too simple.

    While some fans will quote wrestling history and prestige while discussing why this move, and how disrespectful it was to the titles, it was a logical move in a world where sensibility can fly out the window far too often.

    It's not like the teams were handed titles. They earned them. They simply switched them out to accommodate the brands they now find themselves on.

    Sure, WWE Creative could have booked a couple of hot-shot title switches to correspond with the switch but realistically, what devalues the titles more: Quick switches with little meaning or simply swapping them between one of the greatest teams of all time and a tandem building a foundation for a superb run?

    Hopefully, you chose the second option.