Breaking News: WWE's Shane McMahon Possibly Buying UFC

Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIINovember 15, 2009

Ok MMA fans do not be alarmed, as a wrestling writer I try to keep anything regarding wrestling out of this area as much as possible. But, when there is news like this you have to tell it, ya know?

In any case, it is now confirmed that the son of WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, Shane McMahon met with Dana White who is the President of UFC. Considered to be the top MMA company in the world, UFC is growing more and more.

However, there is a problem in that their Global Market is not as big as many think. They are not seen everywhere unless one owns a computer, and they obviously want to get more and more fans in from outside of North America.

While they are shown in other countries, it is not nearly as big as what the WWE has done. Of course, the WWE has been around a lot longer, so it is understandable that is has a higher market.

Now, why am I telling you this? Well, Shane McMahon is currently WWE's Executive Vice President of Global Media. It is a job he has held for quite some time now and one he is very good at. If he wasn't Vince would never let him do it. Sure, he is the man's son, but if you know anything about Vince McMahon you know he will do anything that is right for business.

Shane resigned from the WWE a short while ago and the resignation will become effective January 1, 2010. So for now he still has his job with the WWE, but he is naturally considering other offers.

People should not be worried about UFC predetermining choreographed fights or anything like that, everything will stay the same as far as real fighting goes. Many think that McMahon would most likely be coming in to do a similar job that he had in the WWE.

However, he never would have left the entertainment giant that is the WWE only to go work for UFC doing the exact same job for a smaller paycheck. So, many believe he will be doing far more than just working in the Global Media area of the company if he comes in.

People are speculating that he may buy into the company, which would be great. He recently took out 50 million dollars in WWE stock, which no one would do unless they had a plan for it. Simply because the stock is pretty good for them. He is a millionaire in his own right, which means he could pay more to possibly buy the entire company.

However, when White was asked about the meeting, he said "No comment". So no one really knows what they were talking about. But it was obviously business.

Also people need to keep in mind that while Shane was a part time wrestler and has been a wrestling fan all his life, he is also a huge MMA fan. He has been to several UFC shows and has told people that he would like to be involved with it someday.

While nothing has been confirmed with Shane, people need to take notice about this. UFC could really use a businessman like Shane McMahon. Like his father, he could easily take a company like UFC and take it to new heights.

Many in the MMA world may hate on wrestler's coming into MMA. But Shane would not be coming in to do any fights or even book them(although some believe they could use a new booker). He would only be coming in strictly for business.

His ability to seal TV deals outside of America should be one huge thing that appeals to any company he sends a resume to. In the WWE alone he is responsible for massive pick-ups outside of America.

One big one was Brazil not too long ago, and over half of Europe. The WWE owes him a lot, and he could do wonders for anyone he works for.

The man is money, which is basically why he was called that in the WWE. If he does work with them, UFC will be saying, "Here Comes The Money".


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