PUBG PCS2 Grand Finals 2020: Soniqs Esports' Top Plays, Prize Money

Theo SalaunContributor IIISeptember 12, 2020

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Like starting a Game 7 up 30, the final day of the PUBG PCS2 Grand Finals in North America was essentially a victory lap for Soniqs Esports. Through three weeks of the PUBG Continental Series' second tournament, Soniqs dominated the field and put themselves in an easy position to cement the eventual championship.

After yet another strong performance on the first day of PCS2 North America's third and final week, Soniqs walked into the final four matches with a whopping 239 points, 101 from placements and 138 from kills.

Second-best coming in? Oath with...172 points. And, while Oath kept up to a certain extent in the kills column (with a second-best 103), no team eclipsed 69 placement points, proving just how impressive Soniqs' mental handle over rotations, positioning and engagements truly was.

In the end, Soniqs piled up 265 points, confirming their place atop the leaderboards despite some climbing from teams across the leaderboard. The rest of the top five followed with Oath keeping second, thanks to 201 points, Shoot to Kill in third with 179, Any Trolls in Chat with 174 and Zenith Esports with 169.

No other team surpassed 139 points despite Radiance's LosHD cracking the overall leaderboard for kills with 37. He was joined in the top five by three different Soniqs players: TGLTN (54), hwinn (37) and Shrimzy (37). Unsurprisingly, Soniqs' TGLTN and hwinn each cracked the top five for damage and knocks as well.

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That flurry of kills from Soniqs continued into the final day, as they started off with a 13-kill win to further fluff the cushion between them and the rest of the pack. Although the team's placement points could push someone to think that their dominance is entirely due to camping and circle management, they simply displayed impeccable pacing in their engagements and moments of aggression, allowing the team a chance to rack up kills while ensuring quality placements.

Leading their North American competitors in kills and placement points, Soniqs confirms that they are the best PUBG team in the region. Thanks to three weeks of consistency, their wallets get to enjoy a $200,000 prize pool, and they can move toward PCS3 hungry to keep momentum going.