2020 NBA 2K League Results: Wizards District Gaming Outduel Warriors in Finals

Theo SalaunContributor IIIAugust 29, 2020

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With a fat $420,000 in prize winnings on the line, Wizards District Gaming has completed what has been a shocking run through the playoffs. As a No. 4 seed helmed by a rookie point guard, JBM, the Wizards were not expected to take a game off of the undefeated Raptors Uprising GC, let alone sweep them, in the 2K League semifinals.

But they did, and JBM continued to prove why he was 2020's No. 1 overall pick by leading his team to a huge victory over Warriors Gaming Squad after starting down 0-1 in the best-of-five series.

All season, the Warriors played a tremendous game of ball with their own point guard, CB13, leading a formidable charge. After earning the No. 3 seed and starting their finals series off with a 12-point victory, the half-million prize purse felt cemented. But then JBM took over and his team, particularly his center, Dayfri, didn't look back. 


NBA 2K League Finals Scores

Wizards District Gaming 3 - 1 Warriors Gaming Squad

Game 1: WDG 53 - 65 WGS

Game 2: WDG 60 - 50 WGS

Game 3: WDG 64 - 59 WGS

Game 4: WDG 70 - 55 WGS


In Game 1, the Warriors looked unbeatable as JBM was vastly outplayed by CB13, who dropped a whopping 40 points in the contest. But, showing the poise of a veteran, the Wizards' rookie point stayed calm and, empowered by some big numbers from his center, began mounting the comeback.

While JBM got himself going with 25 points and seven assists in Game 2, it was Dayfri who started setting the tone. The big man outdueled the Warriors' bigs and cemented the paint by securing 18 points, 13 rebounds and six assists in the second match, helping the Wizards tie things up with a double-digit win.

In Game 3, that winning formula repeated. JBM gave the Warriors 23 points and nine assists, with Dayfri putting up 21 points, 11 rebounds and four blocks. As Golden State began reeling, the Wizards kept to their own pace and played steadily. That calm in the storm was embodied by Dayfri, who received an entry pass from JBM and patiently pump-faked, opening things up for a big jam.

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Then came Game 4, which felt like it could go the Warriors way until it was painfully obvious JBM had reached his zone. With the Wizards struggling to keep up, the rookie point took on the scoring load like no other. Of the Wizards' first 28 points, JBM had 26.

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.@JackMascone has 26 of @WizardsDG's 28 PTS so far in Game 4. 💪 Watch this best-of-five series continue LIVE! 📺 ESPN2 💻 https://t.co/v1LLynxNVO 📱 https://t.co/KuOHN32wo2 https://t.co/6tkdVlCFi7

With that sort of momentum going, it's no surprise that the Wizards packed things up in the most lopsided game of the entire series. After winning the lottery for the No. 1 pick for the 2020 draft, Wizards District Gaming won the finals and secured the 2020 bag.