Seth Rollins Beats Dominik Mysterio at WWE SummerSlam 2020

Mike Chiari@mikechiariFeatured ColumnistAugust 24, 2020

Photo credit: WWE.com.

In his first-ever WWE match, Dominik Mysterio—the son of legendary luchador Rey—fell to Seth Rollins in a Street Fight at SummerSlam on Sunday night.

Mysterio held his own in his debut but was unable to overcome Rollins and his disciple, Murphy.


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Dominik asked Rey not to involve himself in the match, and his father obliged for the most part. But The Master of the 619 was forced to watch on, helplessly handcuffed to the ropes, as Rollins delivered a Stomp to his son for the victory.


Dream crusher. @WWERollins stomps out @35_Dominik's hopes for victory at #SummerSlam! https://t.co/JCq4gckWr3

The match was about revenge for Dominik because of what Rollins did to his father. He not only injured Rey's eye on the steel steps on an episode of Raw in May, but he also caused it eye to pop out of its socket at Extreme Rules last month.

Dominik has been involved in the rivalry between Rollins and Rey ever since The Messiah's initial attack on his father's eye. He even took out Rollins, Murphy and Austin Theory with a sneak attack in June.

The younger Mysterio's issues with Rollins reached a new level after Extreme Rules, though, and he made it clear that he had every intention of making the multi-time world champion pay for his actions.

Rollins and Murphy used the numbers game to their advantage several weeks ago by beating down Dominik only for Aleister Black to make the save. The heels got the upper hand on the Dutchman, though, and did the same thing they previously did to Mysterio by pressing his eye against the stairs.

They tried to do the same to Dominik, but he fought them off with a kendo stick and left Rollins with some painful-looking marks to boot.

Rollins and Dominik agreed to have a match following that incident and took part in a contract signing on Raw. The younger Mysterio bought a kendo stick with him to the ring for protection, but he ended up paying the price for what he did to The Messiah.

Murphy and Rollins managed to get Dominik tied up in the ropes and proceeded to hit him time after time with kendo sticks. By the time the assault was over, his chest, stomach and back were covered in deep welts.

Just when it seemed like the feud between Rollins and Dominik couldn't get any more personal, it reached another level with that segment and made their match at SummerSlam a must-see contest.

The experience disparity prevented Dominik from coming out on top Sunday, but he acquitted himself so well in his first match that he may be on the fast track to superstardom in WWE.


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