Bari Musawwir's World Record, Top Highlights at Diesel Brothers: Monster Jam

Blake SchusterAnalyst IIAugust 9, 2020

IMAGE DISTRIBUTED FOR FELD ENTERTAINMENT - Earth Shaker entertains the spectators with a big air during the first-ever monster truck event in Beijing's renowned
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Monster truck driver Bari Musawwir shattered the Guinness World Record for the most consecutive donuts during Saturday's Monster Jam on Discovery Channel—just one of a number of records that were set during the show as stunt persons pushed their vehicles as far as possible.

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Watch how @BariMusawwir gets the World Record for the Most Donuts❗️ #MonsterJam #DieselBrothers @Discovery https://t.co/2vfVQbcCGU

Musawwir completed 58 donuts, surpassing the previous mark of 44. The event officially took place June 25 in Bradenton, Florida, with Saturday's show revealing the result.

Adam Anderson set the record for most monster trucks jumped by a monster truck (eight), Krysten Anderson set the record for the highest jump (33 feet, 9.6 inches ) and Tom Meents set the record the longest nose wheelie (209 feet, 2.64 inches).

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Watch how @andersondigger gets his World Record in Most Monster Jam Trucks Jumped❗️ #MonsterJam #DieselBrothers @Discovery https://t.co/ffhr2Qucs2

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Watch how @Krysten_digger gets the World Record for the Highest Jump❗️ #MonsterJam #DieselBrothers @Discovery https://t.co/AamjHKdRmg

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Watch how Tom Meents broke the World Record for the Longest Nose Wheelie❗️ #MonsterJam #DieselBrothers @Discovery https://t.co/zptW4HTu5n

Yet the achievement of the night may go to Bryce Kenny, who became the first driver to top 100 miles per hour in a monster truck, reaching a top speed of 100.31 mph.

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Watch how @BryceKenny got the World Record for the Fastest Speed❗️ #DieselBrothers #MonsterJam @Discovery @GreatClips https://t.co/jrYX0dj6ki

Not every record attempted was set on Saturday's show.

Todd LeDuc tried to become the first driver to complete a forward-momentum double backflip but couldn't complete the revolutions necessary.