2020 NBA 2K League Results: T-Wolves, Nets Gaming Push Toward Playoffs

Theo SalaunContributor IIIAugust 5, 2020

Team members of Blazers Gaming, an NBA 2k League (NBA2KL) professional esports team, huddle before taking seats at their video stations for a match against Warriors Gaming Squad, Wednesday, July 24, 2019, in Queens borough of New York. The teams kicked off day one of the NBA2KL playoffs with Blazers on the losing 67-45. (AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews)
Bebeto Matthews/Associated Press

Wait on the pick-and-roll, drive left, stop, step-back crossover to the right, around-the-back crossover back to the left, elevate and jam over three people.

While Kings Guard Gaming clinched a playoff spot, T-Wolves Gaming and Nets GC made their push into the top 10—the former with a bevy of threes and the latter with absolute style from their point guard Choc.

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you 𝗹𝗶𝘁𝗲𝗿𝗮𝗹𝗹𝘆 can’t guard this... @choc | #WeGameHard https://t.co/3Tf7rGZt2H

Only one series went to all three games on Week 12, Day 1 of the 2K League's regular season, but that game featured one of the best moves of the year from one of its most intriguing point guards. As the last week ahead of the 2K postseason, these games count more than ever.

In the other matches, the Jazz maintained their No. 2-seed momentum with a comfy 2-0 and the Magic proved they're stronger than a losing record indicates with a light 2-0 of their own. Here's how the first day of the season's most important week played out.


Week 12, Day 1 Scores

Kings Guard Gaming 2-0 Cavs Legion GC

Game 1: KGG 75-66 CLG

Game 2: KGG 91-68 CLG


Magic Gaming 2-0 Pacers Gaming

Game 1: MGG 63-58 PCG

Game 2: MGG 79-60 PCG


Knicks Gaming 1-2 Nets GC

Game 1: KNX 75-65 NGC

Game 2: KNX 69-72 NGC

Game 3: KNX 60-67 NGC


Pistons GT 0-2 Jazz Gaming

Game 1: PGT 63-87 JZG

Game 2: PGT 66-76 JZG


T-Wolves Gaming 2-0 Blazer5 Gaming

Game 1: TWG 75-70 BZG

Game 2: TWG 88-75 BZG


In the day's first two matchups, the Kings' point guard, Bash, set an impressive rhythm in the clinching effort by putting up 36 points and eight assists in Game 1 before dropping 48 and seven in Game 2. In a complete contrast, the Magic proved they're not throwing the towel in just yet by coming through with a great team effort as all five players scored in double digits for their series-clinching Game 2.

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Then came the Nets and Knicks matchup, in which Choc complemented his flashy play with the consistency needed for his team to continue its playoff push. The young point guard dropped 28 points and 10 assists in Game 1, 28 and 12 in Game 2 and 29 and 12 in Game 3. Scorekeeping deja vu.

Meanwhile, the Jazz demonstrated just how dynamic a 12-2 roster can be. In Game 1 against Detroit, Utah's point, Splashy, dropped 33 points and seven assists in Game 1, but 37 with just one assist in Game 2. That's because its center, Ria, proved the value of the inside-out game with an impressive eight dimes.

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It's RAINING 3⃣'s here in the fourth quarter! @TWolvesGaming is goin' off💦 https://t.co/w9f9x0r0eG

The T-Wolves finished the day off with a shooting performance that should worry any top seed in the league. The team, which has disappointed this season after winning the league in Season 2, now climbs to 8-6.

This gives the Wolves a chance to crack into the top seven and secure a spot, as they are tied with Bucks Gaming and Hornets Venom GT, while the Nets trail by one game at 8-7.