Impact Wrestling Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from July 28

Erik Beaston@@ErikBeastonFeatured ColumnistJuly 29, 2020

Impact Wrestling Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from July 28

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    Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

    Impact Wrestling continued to reel from the earth-shattering outcomes and jaw-dropping returns that have encompassed the company of late Wednesday night on AXS TV.

    The show, headlined by new world champion Eddie Edwards defending against Trey Miguel of The Rascalz and the in-ring debut of The Good Brothers as they battled Reno Scum, continued the company's considerable momentum as it embarks on the long road to its October 24 pay-per-view, Bound for Glory.

    Who picked up big wins Tuesday night? Which competitors set themselves up for big things entering the final stretch of 2020 and just how over-the-top was the first episode of Wrestle House?

    Find out now with this recap of the July 28 broadcast.

Impact World Championship Match: Eddie Edwards vs. Trey Miguel

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    Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

    Impact wasted little time continuing it considerable roll of late, kicking off Tuesday's show with world champion Eddie Edwards defending against Trey Miguel, one of the men whom he battled back in the main event at Slammiversary.

    A laser-focused Miguel, growing and evolving with every high-profile appearance in the company, grounded Edwards early and worked a Cobra Clutch. The champion answered with a belly-to-belly overhead suplex to down his challenger. Miguel tried to slingshot in, but Edwards downed him with a sit-out powerbomb for two.

    Miguel fought back, using his speed and agility to answer Edwards' attack. He scored a quick near-fall, nearly upsetting the champion as Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne put over the Rascal as a competitor drawing comparisons to AJ Styles.

    The competitors exchanged strikes heading into the commercial break, a Pele Kick by Miguel stunning Edwards. Back from the timeout, champion and challenger threw everything they had in their arsenals at each other. Miguel answered a Tiger Driver attempt with a reversal into a head scissors.

    A second attempt at the Tiger Driver proved more successful for Edwards, who was in disbelief as his opponent kicked out at two. 

    Edwards followed up with a Boston Knee Party to pick up the hard-fought victory.

    After the bell, World Class Maniac Eric Young entered the arena, teasing that he would join Edwards in the ring for a brawl. " time," he insisted, playing mind games with the champion.



    Edwards defeated Miguel






    For the second consecutive week, Impact kicked off with a championship bout, this one for the company's top prize. Miguel was the perfect first challenger for Edwards. He is young, hungry and the face of the promotion's bright future.

    Edwards is the grizzled vet, an impact Triple Crown winner who has done everything there is to do with the company. He is the perfect competitor to bring Miguel along, give him the rub from working with a legitimate main event guy and help boost his credibility.

    The post-match continued to hint that Young will be Edwards' first test and, more importantly, that the returning heel will approach his feud with the world champion in a cerebral manner. 

    Unlike other companies, it was nice to see a major championship encounter kick off a show and set the tone for the remainder of the broadcast.

Wrestle House Debuts

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    In the debut of Wrestle House, Taya Valkyrie attempted to leave, only to run into a canned video of Abyss, to which Johnny Swinger said in carny, "that miz-ark really is in purgatory doing the jiz-ob" in a nice jab.

    Tommy Dreamer joined the fray, claiming to have beat the house with the ECW checks "before they bounced."

    Back from break, The Deaners and XXXL teased a brawl until Suzie recommended a truce. "No way, Jose!" they said. "We didn't sign him," Dreamer added.

    Dreamer said the crop of talent, which also included the likes of Kylie Rae, Alisha Edwards, Rosemary and Johnny Bravo, was competing for $1,000,000. From there, each of the competitors sought to claim their rooms.

    Valkyrie and Rosemary picked their rooms, leaving Bravo to decide which one to join. 

    A disagreement between Ace Romero and Crazzy Steve gave way to "match time," with the winner getting to sleep in the ring.

    Romero tossed Steve around the ring, only to get caught in a game of rope-running by the former circus clown. Romero dropped him and put his opponent to sleep for the win.

    Later in the broadcast, Cody and Jake Deaner had a disagreement regarding snoring and ended up battling in the night's second Wrestle House match.






    This was And different.

    In a wrestling landscape plagued by sameness and, at the same time, nothingness, it was fun to see Impact take a chance and try its hand at cinematic wrestling. Since it was that company, with the Hardys and Jeremy Borash that popularized the style, it only makes sense that they add to the artform.

    The in-jokes, the storyline continuity between Valkyrie and Rosemarie and the little match at the end of the ordeal just helped make the whole thing an enjoyable watch.

    That it gives talent that may not be involved in anything else more important right now a platform to stay in the conversation only enhances its effectiveness.

    Also, Johnny Swinger is a treasure. We really don't deserve him.

EC3 Speaks, Moose Responds and Deonna Purrazzo vs. Kimber Lee

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    Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

    EC3 produced his latest video package, admitting he must destroy his past in order to control his narrative. Moments later, Moose teased extending a challenge for his TNA World Championship, only to be interrupted by Heath.

    The artist formerly known as Slater talked Moose into admitting there is no TNA Championship, to which the former New England Patriot extended a challenge for next week. Scott D'Amore appeared and revealed that a win for Heath would earn him an Impact contract.

    Wasting no time, the focus turned to the squared circle as Knockouts champion Deonna Purrazzo battled Kimber Lee in non-title action.

    Lee, infuriated after suffering a sucker punch from Purrazzo last week, started red-hot. She kept the champion off guard early and often before trapping her in a submission. Purrazzo escaped and immediately set her sights on the arm of her opponent, looking to pick it apart in hopes of applying her trademark armbar.

    Kimber Lee fought back, delivered an enzuigiri and scored a near-fall.

    Counter wrestling ensued, and Lee scored a near-fall with a German suplex. Purrazzo recovered, snapped her opponent's arm and applied the Fujiwara Armbar for the submission win. After the match, former champion Jordynne Grace appeared.

    Grace feigned an arm injury and unloaded on The Virtuoso, sending the champion scurrying to the sanctuary of the floor.



    Purrazzo defeated Lee



    EC3 and Moose Promos: A
    Match: B



    There is a lot to unpack here.

    EC3 cut another fantastic promo about controlling his narrative, emphasizing putting his past behind him and burying everything we thought we knew about him. It was a perfect introduction to this new version of the celebrated Impact Wrestling star.

    Moose following up by not acknowledging EC3, then letting Heath talk him into defending his title next week was another great bit and further confirmed just how disconnected the "TNA Champion" is from reality.

    As for Purrazzo's title defense, it was a fun, hard-hitting match that showcased Kimber Lee but ultimatley put over The Virtuosa as the cerebral and dangerous submission machine she is. Grace looking to avenge her loss at Slammiversary made sense and suggests the second chapter in her story with Purrazzo will be told sooner than later. 

Katie Forbes Reveals Her New Website Photos...or Does She?

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    Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

    Moments after a backstage confrontation with Sami Callihan, Katie Forbes and Rob Van Dam took to the ring for Forbes' grand reveal of her website's new photos.

    Forbes was in a celebratory mood, ready to reveal "all of her hard work" to her fans.

    Instead, the photos debuted with Callihan's head over the top of Forbes'. RVD's significant other pounded the mat in frustration, infuriated by the hacker's antics.






    The matches between Callihan and RVD that will inevitably come out of this will probably be a ton of fun, if nothing else, but this does seem like a silly start to their rivalry.

    Of course, RVD's character in Impact at this point is a bit silly, but there were still countless other ways to jump-start this program.

    Then again, given how many ultra-serious programs Callihan has been in over the years, maybe a break from the sameness of it all is exactly what the proverbial doctor called for.

Rich Swann Update

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    Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

    Rich Swann joined Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne for an update on his health.

    Disappointed and dismayed, he blamed Eric Young for taking away his opportunity at Slammiversary but also suggested he may have taken away his livelihood.

    Swann declined to get into the medical diagnosis and revealed that he will be on next week's show to address the viewing audience from the Impact Zone.






    Swann was somber, the uncertainty surrounding his future in the ring striking the perfect tone.

    That he rightfully blamed Young suggests that, although The World Class Maniac may be eyeing up the Impact World Championship, he has unfinished business with the former WWE cruiserweight champion.

    Swann is one of those elite talents in Impact, and the idea of him breaking out of the X-Division and establishing himself in a main event role is one of the more intriguing developments since Slammiversary.

    Hopefully, this is just the start of a consistent and defining push for the dynamic, charismatic and damn fun performer in Impact.

The Good Brothers vs. Reno Scum

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    Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

    The Good Brothers' Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson made their in-ring debut with Impact in Tuesday's main event, battling Reno Scum after a parking lot brawl a week ago.

    Luster the Legend and Alex Thornstowe weathered an early storm by Anderson and Gallows, capitalizing on an appearance by Ace Austin. The distraction allowed them to down Anderson and work him over for the majority of the bout before a tag to Gallows sparked The Good Brothers' comeback.

    The newcomers picked up the win after the Magic Killer, only to find themselves in a hard-hitting brawl with Austin and the massive Madman Fulton.

    They fought through the backstage area and into the parking lot as the show faded to black, leaving fans with a cliffhanger for next week's show.



    Good Brothers defeated Reno Scum






    The match itself was never meant to be anything other than a showcase for The Good Brothers.

    Reno Scum, as solid a team as they are, never stood a chance here but filled their role effectively. At the very least, they got to shine against a world-renowned team that was among the hottest free agents in the sport not all that long ago.

    The real substance in this segment was the show-closing brawl that continues to add to the budding rivalry with Austin and Fulton. Between Austin's charisma and in-ring ability, and Fulton's big-man brawling, they are the perfect complement to The Good Brothers.

    The eventual blow-off to their program should make for a damn fun match.