2020 NBA 2K League Results: Mavericks Move to 6-2, Grizzlies Upset T-Wolves

Timothy Rapp@@TRappaRTFeatured ColumnistJune 10, 2020

Bebeto Matthews/Associated Press

The NBA 2K League made a big announcement Tuesday, extending remote play amid the COVID-19 pandemic through at least July 17 (Week 11 of the regular season).

But while there have been some technical hiccups from time to time, as is to be expected in such a unique scenario, remote play hasn't diminished the quality of play. That was on display again Tuesday night, with four exciting games on the schedule.

Below, we'll break down the scores, top performers and highlights from the night's action.



Knicks Gaming def. Magic Gaming: 85-48, 60-65, 76-54

Mavs Gaming def. Pistons GT: 78-73, 62-59

NetsGC def. Hawks Talon: 70-66, 73-49

Grizz Gaming def. T-Wolves Gaming: 55-94, 79-73, 69-65

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Duck was on the loose for Knicks Gaming.

In New York's two blowout wins in the three-game series, Duck went off for 41 points in Game 1 and 36 points in Game 3.

The win moved Knicks Gaming to 5-4 on the season, while Magic Gaming dropped to 1-5.

Sherm put on an equal show for Mavs Gaming in the other matchup of the early slate, averaging 34 points in the two wins.

Mavs Gaming continue to impress, moving to 6-2 on the year. Pistons GT continue to regress, falling to 1-6.

NetsGC are also on the rise, moving to 4-2 on the year, as Choc posted 34 points in the team's blowout second win.

Hawks Talon continue to be inconsistent, moving to 3-3 on the year.

In the final game, Grizz Gaming pulled off the upset, handing T-Wolves Gaming just their second loss of the season (5-2) with a reverse sweep. Vandi was the man, averaging 30 points in the two wins.

Grizz Gaming moved to 4-4 on the year with the win. They're red-hot at the moment, with four straight wins.