Projecting Drew McIntyre's Long-Term Future as WWE Champion on Raw

Kevin Berge@TheBerge_Featured ColumnistJune 6, 2020

Projecting Drew McIntyre's Long-Term Future as WWE Champion on Raw

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    Drew McIntyre's rise to the WWE Championship was a surprising but welcome journey to start 2020. The Scottish Psychopath moved past a simple gimmick to become a larger-than-life figure on the road to WrestleMania 36.

    While others like Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins had taken down Brock Lesnar, no one managed to truly embarrass Brock Lesnar like McIntyre. No one has looked like The Beast Incarnate's better until now.

    His crowning moment on the Grandest Stage of Them All made him the biggest star on Monday Night Raw. He has since main-evented almost every show, which was rarely true of past world champions on the red brand.

    He competes nearly every week, dominating his competition. His match with The Monday Night Messiah at Money in the Bank was one of the best of his career, solidifying his status as a main event performer.

    All of this is to say that McIntyre has made it, but can he sustain that success? Where will he go next? History shows that few can stay at the top forever in WWE.

    On the date of the Superstar's 35th birthday, it is the right time to project just how high McIntyre has truly risen up the ranks beyond just one title reign.

Length of Drew McIntyre's WWE Championship Reign

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    The WWE champion has now held the title over 60 days. That milestone is not a monumental achievement in the grand scheme of the championship's history, but it shows WWE has begun to rely on him. Fast title switches are certainly commonplace in modern WWE.

    Drew McIntyre stands tall as the face of the division and brand right now. It would not make sense for anyone to dethrone him at this time. Even Bobby Lashley's resurgence with MVP cannot match up to the Scottish Superstar's momentum.

    Unless WWE decides to move stars between brands, only a few names stand out as true threats to the champion, and even they will need time to develop. No one has the mystique or prestige to stop McIntyre just yet.

    Kevin Owens and Aleister Black make sense as the most likely to dethrone the champion, while Randy Orton and Edge could each challenge soon for the title as well.

    What all this means is simply that there is no end in sight for the WWE champion. He can run with the title throughout the year and create a major moment when he does lose it.

The Immediate Aftermath of Losing His Championship

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    Drew McIntyre is more than the title around his waist. He has the WWE physique; he has mic skills and in-ring ability; the crowd was fully behind him before the company was required to start running crowdless shows. He is an absolute star in the making.

    For this reason, it is difficult to imagine he will just disappear. He may not be in the primary spotlight, but he will be used in major roles throughout the coming years.

    In an immediate sense, it is likely he would focus on chances to reclaim his gold while feuding with top names. If he does not defend against Randy Orton at some point, The Viper is the perfect challenger to solidify his status after a title loss.

    A run at the United States Championship would make sense in the same way AJ Styles has often been used. He goes from one title to the next to keep him relevant. McIntyre may be handled the same way, though his stature makes it easy to always take him seriously.

    The brands need a reshuffle in the coming year, so fresh opportunities should arise. McIntyre has solidified himself alongside Seth Rollins as the star attraction of the red brand. He just needs new rivals.

Future Opportunities for Gold

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    As has been shown repeatedly, it is not carrying the title that is hardest for new champions but keeping momentum once losing it. Over time, Drew McIntyre will need to continue to remind WWE why the company chose him to carry Raw in the first place.

    Kofi Kingston, Bray Wyatt, Jinder Mahal, Dean Ambrose and Sheamus all recently held the gold that The Scottish Psychopath now carries. They all fell short eventually. Some were affected by injuries. Others lost the trust of WWE officials.

    The Celtic Warrior is the best example for McIntyre's projected future. Sheamus has gone in and out of the title scene over the years, and it was only lingering injuries that kept him down. If McIntyre stays healthy, he could easily become a multiple-time champion.

    In a current era of much uncertainty, The Scottish Psychopath has had a chance to step up. The more he delivers, the more future chances he will get. He can always switch brands and even go heel at the right moment while remaining a top guy.

    Over everyone on that list of recent WWE champions that fell short, he has been the most reliable and best fit for WWE as a whole. He should remain an enduring part of a roster that has struggled to produce stars despite clear depth.

Long-Term Success

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    Few have ever had upside like Drew McIntyre. The incredible workhorse has truly hit his stride as a performer. At this point, it is hard to imagine him falling back down the ladder.

    His size, speed and ferocity in the ring pair well with just about anyone. His smooth promos make sure that he can sound dangerous while playing the face or heel. He is the type of long-term talent you do not let go once he is on a roll.

    The Scottish Psychopath will certainly remain one of WWE's premier stars. It's just a matter of how well he can keep WWE focused on him. 

    He could go another near-decade in the business if he wants to. In that time, he should be a multiple-time world champion and turn his Triple Crown legacy into a Grand Slam. He may not always be Raw's top guy, but he should never go back to where he was in 2019 or earlier.

    This has to be one of the sweetest birthdays of McIntyre's career, reaching the pinnacle of WWE during this last year. Hopefully, he can see the bright road ahead of him, continuing to stay near the top.