Power-Ranking Every Female Superstar on WWE's Raw and SmackDown Rosters

Kevin Berge@TheBerge_Featured ColumnistMay 30, 2020

Power-Ranking Every Female Superstar on WWE's Raw and SmackDown Rosters

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    Credit: WWE.com

    Women's wrestling is finally an enduring staple of WWE. While female Superstars have always been a part of the company, the division has never felt as important as it does today.

    This has led to an expanded roster and more expectations. It is no longer enough to just make an impact. Talent and performance are at a premium, leaving many women who could have been household names in previous eras lagging behind.

    Who are the defining women in WWE?

    In order to rank them, criteria has to be established for what puts one woman over another. This is not a week-to-week power ranking. It is purely looking at the overall standing of the women on the roster based on in-ring ability, promo skills, charisma, star power, potential, accomplishments and current presentation. Each one has its own scale to create an aggregate score that determined these power rankings.

    These are all subjective, but adding various factors makes the final results more directly tied to performance. Given those criteria, these are the power rankings for every woman on the Monday Night Raw and Friday Night SmackDown rosters.

26-22. Tamina, Liv Morgan, Lana, Dana Brooke, Ember Moon

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    26. Tamina (23)

    While Tamina's recent run has shown she can still contribute, multiple knee surgeries and age have slowed her down. At this point, her size is what mainly keeps her involved on television. She is the veteran heavyweight who can look good if others bump for her.


    25. Liv Morgan (20.6)

    Morgan has serious potential, but it has not been seen yet. Her recent run has hit too many stops, and her regular promo segments show how much she still has to learn. She could fly up this list in time. She just needs to show what she can do.


    24. Lana (20.4)

    At one time, Lana was seen as the woman who could bring back managers to WWE. However, recent stumbling storylines have led to her falling into the background. She has never been a good in-ring competitor, and she has lost some of her focused presence on the mic with jumbled stories.


    23. Dana Brooke (19)

    Accomplishments and standing hold Brooke back more than her talent. She is still learning with each week, but she has been kept down repeatedly. Brooke already forced herself into the spotlight with strong athletic performances. She will likely make a big impact before long.


    22. Ember Moon (17.7)

    It is possible the WWE Universe will never see Moon in a WWE ring again. Her ankle injury could end her career. However, there is still hope. If she does return, few could make more of a dramatic jump up this list than The War Goddess. At her peak, she was among the best wrestlers in the company.

21-17. Sonya Deville, Ruby Riott, The IIconics, Mandy Rose, Nia Jax

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    21. Sonya Deville (17.7)

    It feels wrong to have Deville so far down this list given her recent work. However, she is still finding her stride as a performer. If she continues cutting promos like those on recent editions of SmackDown and performing at a high level in the ring, she could become one of the women's division's best.


    20. Ruby Riott (17.6)

    A bilateral shoulder injury halted Riott's momentum to the point that she hasn't felt right on Raw since returning. While still an obvious talent, she needs the right moment to remind everyone why she was close to breaking out in 2018.


    19. The IIconics (17.1)

    Peyton Royce and Billie Kay are so entwined that it only feels right to rank them together. Royce is the better overall talent, but Kay is the comedic glue of the duo. Together, they may never rise above comedy tag team status. However, it is nice to have a definitive tag team in the women's tag division.


    18. Mandy Rose (16.9)

    Rose goes through many ups and downs with her in-ring work, but she has captured the attention of fans with her performances alongside Otis lately. Their story has made her one of SmackDown's top women. She is not out of place in that role.


    17. Nia Jax (16.6)

    Jax stands out on this list for how low she is compared to her presentation and accomplishments. WWE has treated her like a top heel. However, her reckless in-ring work coupled with unrefined mic skills mean she does not quite live up to her billing.

16-12. Kairi Sane, Natalya, Nikki Cross, Zelina Vega, Mickie James

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    16. Kairi Sane (16.3)

    In NXT, few would argue against the statement that Sane was one of the best wrestlers in the company. She was popular and outperformed expectations with every opportunity. However, injuries and a lack of motivation have held her back on the main roster. She is still immensely talented. She also works well off of Asuka.


    15. Natalya (15.6)

    Few women have Natalya's experience. Her decade-long run in the company has been a series of ups and downs. She has succeeded on huge stages but fallen short at other times. Those inconsistencies mean she never quite became the top woman many expected, but she's a constant good hand.


    14. Nikki Cross (15.4)

    Some may have had higher hopes for Cross when she arrived on Monday Night Raw. She is a unique charismatic bundle of energy. Even if she never becomes a top solo star in WWE, her great work with Alexa Bliss has allowed her to show that she always deserves a spotlight.


    13. Zelina Vega (14.9)

    Managers do not always succeed in modern WWE, but the greats thrive. And Vega is truly great. Her sheer force of charisma and effect on those around her, especially Andrade, have defined Raw in 2020. She can also wrestle, though she may never take that role regularly in WWE.


    12. Mickie James (14.7)

    Legacy keeps Mickie this high on the list. She has not wrestled for a while, so her career may be coming to an end. Even so, she is the most celebrated and decorated legend on the women's roster. She can still compete when needed, and she should be a first-ballot WWE Hall of Famer when she retires.

11-7. Bianca Belair, Shayna Baszler, Naomi, Lacey Evans, Carmella

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    11. Bianca Belair (13.1)

    No one has as much potential as Belair. The EST has outperformed every expectation from early in her career. A preternaturally gifted performer, she gets better with every performance. She could be the face of the division within the next five years.


    10. Shayna Baszler (12.7)

    Baszler does not have quite the accomplishments of those higher on this list, but few would argue that she isn't among the best on the roster. She is a unique presence as a top heel. While her charisma and star power are questionable, she is an incredible foil to any top face.


    9. Naomi (12.6)

    It is easy to forget that Naomi is a two-time SmackDown women's champion. WWE never seems sure how to use her, yet fans explode for her style when she is in action. The Glow will continue to make an indelible mark on the company given the right opportunities.


    8. Lacey Evans (11.3)

    Evans' rank is mostly down to charisma and potential. The Sassy Southern Belle has thrived since her face turn toward the end of last year. She has also improved in the ring in 2020. Everything seems to be clicking for her at the right time, and she has the right story and talent to make a surprise push to the top this year.


    7. Carmella (10.3)

    Carmella has been high and low in WWE, but her talent is obvious. The two-time Money in the Bank winner was not quite ready for the spotlight she received, but she found her way in the ring at the end of her title run. Coupled with incredible charisma and mic skills, she is one of WWE's underutilized gems.

6. Asuka

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    Final Ranking: 6.1

    The top six women in WWE stand above the pack. Their combination of ability, accomplishments and star power have cemented their positions for a long time to come.

    Asuka props up this group because she is held back by a language barrier. She can speak English, but she is far more confident when delivering promos in Japanese. However, WWE rarely affords her that opportunity.

    Beyond this point, though, few can match The Empress of Tomorrow. She is the best female wrestler in the company and among the best wrestlers of any gender.

    She has made it to the top on every WWE brand through talent and will. She has a unique charisma and star power that elevates her work. No one can forget a performer like Asuka.

    If WWE allows Asuka to cut more promos in Japanese, she could move even further up this list before her career is over.

5. Bayley

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    Final Ranking: 5.7

    The Four Horsewomen define modern WWE, and there is not a weak link among them. However, Bayley has had the most difficult hill to climb to stand among her peers.

    The Role Model dominated NXT, but her move to Monday Night Raw felt awkward from the start. She seemed to lose her motivation. Stop-start pushes almost made many write off Bayley's chances until her recent surprise heel turn.

    While she is still finding her way with the role, she has dominated as SmackDown champion and come off far more comfortable. Her casual confidence is infectious yet also constantly aggravating.

    She is a great heel, and she should remain the dominant star of the SmackDown women's division for the foreseeable future. If she continues to shine, she might just manage to surpass her peers.

    Even if she does not, she has already shown why she is among the best women in the company.

4. Alexa Bliss

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    Final Ranking: 5.0

    Alexa Bliss may be the biggest surprise on this list. Concussions nearly ended The Goddess' career, and this led to WWE pulling back on her push. She teamed with Nikki Cross thereafter and became a defining pillar of the women's tag team division.

    However, that does not take away from her singular impact on the company. She was pushed to the moon and made the most of that opportunity. At one time, she was the top female heel in the company.

    Her charisma and mic skills give her a lasting role in WWE that goes beyond in-ring work, which has always been the weakest aspect of her performance. She could be a manager, an authority figure or even a commentator at some point.

    Bliss may not match up to the sheer in-ring ability of her peers, but she is the best talker in the division—maybe even the best in the company.

    Even if she remains a tag team wrestler for the remainder of her career, she will remain among the top stars in the women's division because of the prevalence of A Moment of Bliss.

3. Charlotte Flair

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    Final Ranking: 5.0

    Charlotte Flair is the chosen one in the women's division. Her dominance is unquestionably impressive. She is a 12-time women's champion, absolutely crushing Trish Stratus' previous record of seven.

    While championships can be handed out easily, The Queen has earned her accolades. Her in-ring work rivals some of the best in the business, and she carries herself with the air of a main event talent in a way few can.

    Her WrestleMania legacy is already impressive. Her matches with Asuka, Rhea Ripley and performance in the Triple Threat with Becky Lynch and Ronda Rousey can never be ignored.

    She makes her matches feel special. A few moves should likely be removed from her arsenal, such as the moonsault, but she has a knack for performing in high-pressure situations. She is a top star in a way most  men in similar roles never have been.

    She can cut a solid promo, though that area is her primary weakness as a performer. If she could vary her own cadence on the mic, she would be the complete package. That said, she may never quite match up to the two women ahead of her.

2. Sasha Banks

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    Final Ranking: 4.0

    Sasha Banks has it all. Everyone saw that from day one. Most people expected she would be the star of the Four Horsewomen. However, injuries have been her biggest hurdle.

    One of the best in-ring performers in the division, she holds herself back with her own reckless attitude in the ring. As a heel, she has been safer, but it is hard to ignore the injuries that piled up every time she was champion.

    On the mic, few can match The Legit Boss' charisma. She exudes star power at a level most Superstars do not. If she were not so impulsive in the ring, she would likely have a much stronger legacy behind her already.

    Learning to work more carefully could see 2020 become the year of The Boss. She is gearing up for a rivalry with Bayley that should elevate both women. And once Banks turns face again, she will be selling merchandise better than just about anyone else. Only one woman will be able to match her, even during her absence from WWE television.

1. Becky Lynch

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    Final Ranking: 1.7

    Becky Lynch is the face of WWE. That is arguable but a strongly supported opinion. 2018 took her from talented performer to a household name, and she has been selling like a star on the level of the true greats ever since.

    Her recent run has been on another level. She has elevated everyone—even the best wrestler in the division, Asuka, in their matches together. The Man refused to go anything less than full throttle with every effort.

    She has been the essence of charisma and star power for the company. No one can match up to her work. She likely would have run with the Raw Women's Championship for another year if she wanted to.

    It was also the biggest news in recent WWE history when Lynch announced that she was going on maternity leave. The company rarely can afford to lose a top star, but WWE will milk the story for all it is worth, reminding everyone that The Man will, at some point, come back.

    Lynch will be missed. And some may come for her crown while she is away. It will be difficult given her blend of talents. How could anyone replace the biggest star the women's division has ever seen?