Should Sting Re-Sign with WWE or Sign with AEW for Potential Final Match?

Chris Roling@@Chris_RolingFeatured ColumnistMay 16, 2020

Should Sting Re-Sign with WWE or Sign with AEW for Potential Final Match?

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    Never say never in wrestling. 

    It sure feels like Sting could be the latest to reinforce the idea. The legend has been out of the spotlight for a while now, but fans never really got that one last goodbye match. 

    But Sting's name has started to circulate again—and in some shocking ways. According to Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet, he's no longer under contract with WWE. And a string of Sting's tweets just so happen to suggest some traction with All Elite Wrestling. 

    Something about smoke and fire might apply. 

    Let's look at Sting's return possibilities and outline a verdict for what we want to see happen next. 

Case for WWE

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    Sting going back to WWE is a no-brainer. 

    WWE is safe as opposed to going to a newer company like AEW. Sting knows the company, it knows Sting.

    There are also simply more match options. Want another encounter with Seth Rollins? It has to happen in WWE. Want him to stalk legends like Triple H or even have a nostalgic, quick run with Goldberg? It's WWE territory. Don't forget Undertaker, either. 

    Also, don't forget something called money. A recent returning legend like Edge confirmed AEW had reached out to him, yet WWE won the presumed bidding war thanks to both familiarity and simple contract money. 

    Nobody will be able to offer Sting more, both contractually and when it comes to options as he ends his in-ring career, never mind whatever comes after he officially hangs up the boots but doesn't necessarily leave the wrestling world. 

Case for AEW

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    As obvious as WWE might seem, there's still quite the interesting allure to AEW. 

    AEW has already shown it can treat legends right. Just look at the entertaining run for Jake "The Snake" Roberts, among others. 

    There's also the obvious—Sting back on TNT just feels right in a fun, nostalgic way. And while there might not be as many dream matches compared to what WWE can offer, Sting getting in the ring with a Kenny Omega just has an exciting draw to it. And everybody knows crossing paths with Chris Jericho all these years later would be must-see television. 

    Sting could also play a hero sort of role in AEW. He'd swoop in and help the smaller promotion take a leap. He could get in the ring with and put over the next wave of headlining talent ranging from Adam Page and MJF to maybe even a Sammy Guevara or Darby Allin.

The Wildcard

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    That's it, that's the big one. This wouldn't have been written even six months ago. But Undertaker rehabbed his image in a massive way at WrestleMania via the creative, pre-taped cinematic match against AJ Styles. 

    With WWE grappling with how to handle audience-less shows, it pre-taped a Taker match in which he showed up to a graveyard on a motorcycle and buried Styles alive. It was the best moment of a great 'Mania and one fans will remember forever. 

    Which brings us back to Sting. The idea of an older Sting getting in the ring with an Undertaker who had a notorious flop against an aging Goldberg probably caused fans to wince, not get excited. 

    Not anymore. 

    WWE has the power to pull off a Hollywood-level cinematic match between Taker and Sting, finally giving fans the long-awaited legendary matchup. It's an unexpected second chance at something truly once-in-a-lifetime. 


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    Wrestling fans—regardless of whether they proclaim allegiance to WWE or AEW or even sit somewhere in the middle—know where this is going. 

    It's WWE and Undertaker by a long, long shot. 

    AEW, fun as it would be, doesn't have an all-timer of a feud just sitting there that comes close to comparing to Sting vs. Undertaker. The "what if?" of that matchup has defined wrestling talk for more than a decade. 

    And now? It's an alluring reality given the shockingly good evolution of WWE's cinematic matches, which have now become a staple of programming for the long-run regardless of what happens in the world beyond wrestling. 

    Who wins a Sting-Undertaker dance and why is a conversation for a different time. But the top-tier presentation values of the buildup before the match itself would make for a historic wrestling occasion that simply transcends a singular company.