WWE NXT Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from May 13

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistMay 14, 2020

WWE NXT Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from May 13

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    Credit: WWE.com

    Last week's NXT featured the debut of Karrion Kross and Scarlett, Johnny Gargano defeating Dominik Dijakovic, Chelsea Green beating Xia Li and both Akira Tozawa and Kushida picking up wins in the interim Cruiserweight Championship tournament.

    This week's show only advertised two bouts ahead of time. Finn Balor took on Cameron Grimes, and Imperium challenged Matt Riddle and Timothy Thatcher for the tag titles.

    A big announcement from D-Generation X was also teased along with an appearance from Rhea Ripley following her attack on Charlotte Flair last week.

    We still don't know who attacked Balor and who has been trying to abduct Superstars. Let's look at everything that happened on this week's show to see if we got any answers.

Matt Riddle and Timothy Thatcher vs. Fabian Aichner and Marcel Barthel

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    Credit: WWE.com

    Fabian Aichner and Marcel Barthel represented Imperium in this NXT Tag Team Championship match against Riddle and Thatcher.

    Barthel and Thatcher started with a technical exchange of holds and takedowns before the newcomer unloaded on his opponent with lefts and rights.

    It wasn't long before Riddle and Aichner traded places with their partners so the former UFC fighter could demonstrate a few different suplexes.

    Imperium took control during the break. Riddle accidentally knocked Thatcher off the apron when he was reaching for a tag, so he abandoned Riddle to deal with Aichner and Barthel by himself.

    The European duo hit their finisher to score the win and claim the NXT Tag Team Championships.

    Grade: B-



    We have only seen Thatcher in a few matches on NXT, but he is already showing why he belongs in this spot right away. He is technically sound and a great brawler.

    Riddle looked good here, even in defeat. Aichner and Barthel winning these belts before the UK tag titles is a good sign that Imperium could be sticking around on the main NXT brand.

    This was a solid match to get the show going. The feud between Riddle and Thatcher that follows should be a lot of fun.

Indi Hartwell vs. Tegan Nox

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    The second match of the night saw Tegan Nox take on a newcomer named Indi Hartwell. Some say she is impressive. She appeared a few weeks ago on Raw in a losing effort to Shayna Baszler.

    She took control right away and taunted Nox as she kept her grounded with a series of strikes. Every time Nox tried to get up, Hartwell knocked her back down.

    Eventually, The Girl With the Shiniest Wizard hit her finisher for the victory in a short but entertaining bout.

    Grade: C+



    Not to be obvious here, but Hartwell was impressive in her NXT debut match. She looked quick, strong and kept up with Nox the entire time.

    Both women showed off their agility in a match that could have kept going for several more minutes and not lost its charm. Leaving us wanting more is better than overstaying one's welcome.

    A lot of NXT talents are getting more exposure because of the current circumstances. Hartwell made the most of her opportunity.

Tony Nese vs. Jake Atlas

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    Credit: WWE.com

    The interim Cruiserweight Championship continued this week when Tony Nese took on Jake Atlas. Nese was already mathematically eliminated, but he had a chance to spoil Atlas' chances.

    Nese had a clear power advantage, but Atlas had the technical ability to counter most of his early offense. The Premier Athlete was out to injure his opponent after suffering a loss last week.

    After about five minutes of competitive action, Atlas hit the Rainbow DDT for the pin and the win to keep himself alive in the tournament.

    Grade: C+



    Atlas is still new to NXT, but he has already established himself as a talent to watch in 2020. He has a unique style in the ring and a good personality.

    Nese is one of the most underrated performers on the entire roster. It's too bad he was eliminated so quickly from the tourney. He always makes his opponents look good.

    This is another bout that could have benefitted from a few more minutes, but it was still good.

Finn Balor vs. Cameron Grimes

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    Grimes tried to rush Balor to hit his finisher right away, but The Prince dodged it and took him down in a headlock to get the action started.

    When we got back from the commercial break, Grimes was in full control. He continued to dominate until Balor hit a standing double stomp to turn the tide.

    He stomped Grimes into the mat until the ref threatened to disqualify him. Damian Priest showed up and hit The Prince with a nightstick so Grimes could get the upset victory.

    Priest returned with a steel chair and took out Balor before revealing he was the attacker from three weeks ago.

    Grade: B-



    Grimes is a good wrestler with the wrong gimmick. The cowboy shtick worked better in the '90s than it ever will today.

    These two Superstars were relatively even when it came to size and power. Balor had an agility advantage, but Grimes made up for it with aggression.

    Priest going after Balor is a good feud for both men, This could be a star-making feud for Priest if he performs well.

Jack Gallagher vs. Isaiah Scott

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    Jack Gallagher was preparing to take on Isaiah Scott when Nese appeared out of nowhere and attacked Swerve from behind.

    Gallagher tried to end the match early, but Scott got his foot on the bottom rope to break a pin. While Gentleman Jack had the upper hand most of the time, Swerve did get in a few moves before Gallagher put him down for the three-count.

    Grade: C



    Having Nese attack Scott before the match was smart booking. It allowed Gallagher to get the win while not hurting Swerve with a clean loss.

    This was a short match designed to make Gallagher look tough. It worked, but he needs to do more to shake off the image people have of him from 205 Live.

Kayden Carter vs. Aliyah

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    Kayden Carter, formerly known as Lacey Lane, took on Aliyah in the fifth match of the evening. They started with an exchange of single-leg takedowns and reversals.

    They quickly got in each other's face to talk some trash before Carter picked up a near-fall with a springboard dropkick. Aliyah responded with a series of kicks to her back.

    Robert Stone showed up to scout Aliyah's performance. She tried to impress him, but it backfired. Carter took her down and applied a deathlock submission for the win.

    Grade: C+



    Aliyah has been at the Performance Center for a few years, and she is finally starting to come into her own as a performer and character. She has charisma and athleticism to match.

    Stone seemed disappointed in Aliyah, but he seemed to take some interest in Carter. Having her align with Green would be an odd-couple pairing, but it could work.

    This bout was a good showcase of the talent these two Superstars have between them. Once again, a few more minutes would have done wonders.

Matt Riddle vs. Timothy Thatcher

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    After Thatcher attacked him backstage earlier in the show, Riddle was looking for retribution. He came out hot with lefts and rights to take down the newcomer.

    Thatcher held his own against the former MMA fighter. Nobody could keep the upper hand for more than a minute as they traded takedowns.

    Thatcher took control during the commercial thanks to a stomp to the bare foot of Riddle. An exchange of knees and uppercuts ended with Riddle on the mat.

    Riddle took advantage of Thatcher not being positioned properly during a knee lock and rolled over onto him for the pin. The show ended with Thatcher attacking Riddle and applying a vicious armbar.

    Grade: B+



    Riddle and Thatcher already have great chemistry as opponents, and a lot of that likely comes from the similarities in their chosen styles.

    Both men like to use strikes, holds and suplexes to hurt their opponents. Everything they did looked good and sounded brutal without fans to drown out the sound of their hits.

    This is a feud WWE can get a few more matches out of over the next few weeks, possibly culminating in a gimmick bout at TakeOver: In Your House.