Cody Rhodes Reveals Wrestling Mt. Rushmore, Top AEW Matches, More in B/R AMA

Joseph Zucker@@JosephZuckerFeatured ColumnistApril 22, 2020

ATLANTA, GEORGIA - FEBRUARY 09:  Cody Rhodes of All Elite Wrestling (AEW) attends New York Knicks vs Atlanta Hawks game at State Farm Arena on February 09, 2020 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Paras Griffin#SPORT/Getty Images)
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Cody Rhodes' focus might be on All Elite Wrestling's TNT Championship tournament, but that didn't stop him from answering some fan questions with Bleacher Report. 

The AEW executive vice president sat down for an AMA session on the B/R app Wednesday.

Rhodes answered who he'd put on his Mt. Rushmore of professional wrestling, providing a somewhat different response to the frequently posed thought exercise. He also talked about some of his favorite wrestlers and matches, both in and out of AEW.

The following is the full transcript from the AMA session.


@rhg376: Who is on your Wrestling Mt. Rushmore?

Flair. Hogan. Rock. Leave the fourth one as a vacant silhouette...because wrestling needs to make new stars.


@BR_Wrestling: What are your top 5 AEW matches so far?

In no particular order: One was Private Party vs. The Young Bucks. PAC vs. Orange Cassidy. Shida vs. Britt. Thought that was Britt's breakout performance...Hangman and Kenny vs. The Young Bucks... and Darby-Cody from Fyter Fest.


Can you tell us about the importance of the TNT TV title and how motivated are you to capture that championship?

You don't want to use the word 'need' because you put a lot of pressure on yourself, but I can't justify my role or my place as a wrestler in this world without it. The reason I say that is, we've had four major PPVs and I really wish it was 4-0 but it's been 2-2 so I need to get over that hump of .500. Nobody's coming to see you bat .500. You have to win the big ones. I'm honored to be at the tournament, that TNT thought of it, but need is the space I'm in right now.


Sammy Guevara, Statlander are starting to make an impact in AEW. Who are some up and coming risers in AEW that you feel have a shot to make it big?

Two guys who have debuted just recently. They're not super young but to see them break out: Mr. Brodie and Lance. What a run, both of them...and I think AEW's biggest breakout star...not my favorite guy...but it's MJF.


@vic4life: What was it like wrestling your brother in AEW?

I'd say it was surreal and oddly, the word would be, maternal, because he was bleeding so much, I really just wanted to take care of him before it was over. I didn't concentrate on this epic scale this match was on, it wasn't until after I realized what we had done.


@JackPail: I'm not a fan of wrestling. Give me one good reason why i should watch it and be a fan of it and if it's good, i'll become a fan of wrestling

If you've never seen wrestling, the thing I'd tell you is, wrestling always has a payoff. In a world of sports that sometimes you fall in love with an individual...and your hopes are dashed...wrestling is still the prominent leader in building characters good or bad. There's always a payoff, your time isn't wasted...this is a very hopeless period of time, and a very cynical generation, but man it's nice to have a little hope, levity and light, and I think wrestling brings that forward.


@spotlegend11 Cody, are there possible plans in the future for more titles along with the TV title?

Of course, but that's level 40 clearance. But of course, we plan on being around for many years around, want to continue to diversify the brand.


@kingmjd610: Favorite match of all-time?

Two that come to mind. My personal favorite match was my dad and Sting at the Clash of Champions vs. Tully and Arn Anderson. It's a match that the ref loses control of it, but it's very special to me because you can see the old fans in Miami who worshipped my dad, mixing with the young fans who were there to see Sting. The match itself is what we call in the business The Rub. And then I think the greatest match of all time is undoubtedly Rock vs. Hogan. Anyone who says otherwise, it makes me question your wrestling IQ.


@StaMMa_GRaMMa What is your first wrestling memory?

My favorite from growing up was...we used to order the PPVs from my aunt's house in Tampa. At the time, all of my mom's sisters were linked to wrestling. As kids, we all had our inside tracks...it was your dad or your uncle who was in the match. That was a really fun few years where we were able to see them on that platform. Life was real good during that period of time. Very fond moments for me.


@Ice98 What is THE highlight of your wrestling career so far?

I'd say the very first AEW event, Double or Nothing. And if not Double or Nothing, stuff that I can't put my name to because I don't need to take credit for anything. But I really enjoy watching talents take something like suggestions or promo and they run with it and the crowd responds to it and it has nothing to do with it. My role in management is the biggest highlight for me. I want to be a leader of men and women and do it correctly, be an example. That's how I've grown the most with AEW in the year we've had.


@devomarks Who was your favorite person to wrestle?

There are a lot of people I haven't wrestled at AEW that I want to mix it up with, like Jungle Boy. Someone who I really enjoy wrestling now is Scorpio Sky. And long-term, my favorite guy to wrestle on a consistent basis was Christian.


@Hamsalad As a fan, what are your favorite finisher maneuvers. One submission and one regular please.

I grew up a huge Sting fan, so I remember thinking that I didn't like The Sharpshooter because I liked The Scorpion Deathlock, even though they're the exact same thing. And then as a pin finish maneuver, that's tough...I can't really claim one, but I like when guys take a simple move, like a power bomb, and they make it into something bigger. Like Undertaker's last ride. I like when you take something you can do to everyone and you can add your character to it...it's the other piece of the puzzle that you need.


@Yaboyb33: What's the best piece of advice your dad ever gave you in regards to wrestling?

It was very simple: my dad spoke like a preacher on Sunday, so almost everything was advice or a pep talk. But the thing he hit me with that was my favorite: hit your finish.


@BBBRAND02 What would you be doing if you weren't a pro wrestler?

I talked about this one time with my wife when I was briefly considering getting out of wrestling...I would try to get my degree so I could coach at the high school level. I love amateur wrestling, it's the greatest character-building sport and it's kind of a dying sport in the south and southeast...I'd love to help pass it on. It's just a really fun, character-building thing that kept me on my p's and q's when I was younger.


@DutchMatrix: Do you feel social media era has helped or hurt the wrestling business more?

The pros have to outweigh the cons. The DIY wrestlers that exist out there, they were born because of social media, and a portion of AEW exists because of social media. I don't know if it'll be as important in the future as it is now, but it's still very important.


@dpadula What advice do you have for someone who is trying to break into the sales/marketing side of the business? I help a local promotion with sponsorships and donations and really enjoy it!

'Do the work' is the expression and it's very real...and 'don't be afraid to let people know you do the work.' Don't be afraid to get that resume in front of the right person and shoot your shot.


@BenGOATerwhite When is the AEW video game coming?

I'll give the honest update: the AEW video game will be something all fans know about as we begin the process and as we move forward. If we were to make a very good game, which is our intention, it's going to take time. Game development is arduous, it's a very creative space, and we want to do it right. We will keep people updated, it won't come as a surprise, we want them to take the journey with us. Be extra patient so we can deliver.


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