Lucas Vazquez Picks All-Time XI, Talks Ronaldo Overhead Goal, More in B/R AMA

Scott Polacek@@ScottPolacekFeatured ColumnistMarch 30, 2020

Real Madrid's Lucas Vazquez runs during a Spanish La Liga soccer match between Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium in Madrid, Saturday, Feb. 1, 2020. (AP Photo/Bernat Armangue)
Bernat Armangue/Associated Press

Lucas Vazquez has a La Liga championship and three Champions League titles on his resume.

The Real Madrid and Spanish national team winger also has opinions on a number of topics, including who is the greatest of all time.

He sat down for a Bleacher Report AMA on Monday and answered questions about his career, what it is like to play with Cristiano Ronaldo and much more.


@362289: Do you think you would have beaten Liverpool (CL Final) in 2018 had Karius not been in goal and Salah not got injured?

We will never know, but before the game started I thought we were going to win 


@ModricHazard: Thanks for doing this, @lucasvazquez91 ! What has been your favorite moment with Real Madrid so far?

My favorite moment I think it was when we won any of the three Champions Leagues, those are incredible moments, very hard to describe. If I have to choose, maybe I'd choose the first one, as the first one is always different.

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@Ochoa2thabone: When the final 90mins hit and you won the Champions League for the first time, when did it really sink in that you had just won a Champions League final?

It's absolute joy to be able to celebrate a title with RM, the team of my life, and the most important title at the team level, it was amazing.

In the first moment, when we are hugging, celebrating, we break the pressure we've been carrying during the whole season and we celebrated together, it was something impressive. 


@Citizen_Blue: Lucas, tell us about THE penalty (in the 2016 final vs. Atletico). Especially that glorious walk-up when you were cool as a cucumber, looking like a Harlem Globetrotter!

In that moment when I was walking with the ball in my hand, I was thinking about scoring, scoring the first penalty and to help the team to get the title. I was lucky and the ball got in.


@Cruiz3: Why did you ask Zidane for the first penalty in that final?

I asked because I had a lot of confidence, I had been feeling good during the game, and in that moment, in my mind the only thought was to score the penalty. I was convinced I was going to score.


@oroz20: Who would be in your all time 5-a-side?

sergio ramos, lucas, karim, cristiano, courtois


@MADRIDISTA10: Man WOW I'm a big fan! What current or former soccer player do you idolise the most?

I'd say Luis Figo, I grew up watching him play in Real Madrid, he plays in my position and I've always watched and still do watch videos of him to improve my game through his.


@RONAD7DO: In the first leg against Juventus in the 2018 Champions League, you were one of the closest players on the pitch to witness Cristiano's masterpiece of a goal (the overhead kick). How did you feel and what were you thinking at that moment?

I saw a center from Carvajal, and the ball was coming to the zone I was in, and suddenly some legs appeared… I saw it was Cristiano and he scored such a great goal. And I thought it's best that those legs appeared! 


@JACKLOWRY: I'm sure you get this all the time but what was it like to play and train with Ronaldo? 

He is an incredible professional and he demanded the most out of himself and his teammates, so he made everybody did their best


@Joshuamorrobel: How did you feel when Cristiano left?

You have to understand his decisions, everybody has to follow their own path 


@realmememan: What's your favorite sport outside of football?

I love basketball (NBA, ACB in Spain) and I love tennis too.

I like Lebron James' teams.


@LucasVasquezFan: Lucas, big fan here… what inspirations have you had outside of people that have played soccer? (non football // non sport // artist // musician?)

I see other athletes as inspiration, like Rafa Nadal, Pau Gasol, Fernando Alonso. I think they are great inspiration for youngsters and for everybody.


@Biggie2210: Would you ever consider playing in MLS?

It would be incredible, I'd love to play in the MLS some day.


@M07070707: How does it feel to play against Barcelona? Is it like any other match?

Those are special games, everybody is expectant. Those games are lived with a lot of emotion and there is a lot of joy when you win those games.


@JohnDavid06: Would you rather get a winning goal vs. Barca or a winning goal in the Champions League?

For sure the winning goal in the Champions League!


@HalaMadrid11: What was it like growing up in la fabrica? How great was it growing up to become a first team player for the biggest and best club in the world?

It was beautiful, there were difficult moments as well but it was a great experience to grow within Real Madrid, and above all to fulfill the dream of any academy player, to play in the first team.


@Tristanobrien: Who dresses the best out of all the players at Madrid?

Me, of course!


@Jdrummond7: Who's the most challenging player you've had to face in training or on the pitch?

Sergio Ramos. Because of his competitive character, and because he is the best of the world in his position.


@ryanmutigers: Better hair: Gareth Bale or Zidane?

Pass. Hahahaha!


@AFinkelstein6: Messi or Ronaldo?

Both are incredible players that are making history. Many many years will have to pass to see two players like them.


@BenBlackmore: What's the best ground (other than the Bernabeu) you've played at, and is there one you'd like to play at? 

I like the Bayern Munich's and Juventus' stadiums. I'd love to play in Old Trafford.


@Tsdinsd: Is Ramos ever as cutthroat (intense) in training as he is at times during matches?

Yes, he is very intense in the day to day. He is an example for all the players and he is the captain he always shows. 


@ATMike: Who's been the most pivotal coach to your development as a player that we haven't heard about? How did they challenge you to grow?

In Real Madrid C I had a coach,  Manolo Diaz, he trusted me from the start. He taught me that if I did good I could play wherever I wanted. And I am very thankful to him. 


@Tylerhines: How is Zidane in the dressing room compared to the Zidane we always see?

The Zidane we know is very close to the player, always smiling, always helping us to grow as players.


@dubs4life17: How does it feel to be part of an organisation like Real Madrid?

I am very proud to be a part of Real Madrid, the greatest team in the world. And it's a joy to be able to enjoy it every day.


@hlopez2005: How does it feel to have won three consecutive Champions Leagues?

Incredible! It's a great satisfaction, something nobody has done before us, and I think it's difficult to happen again. 


@Rhettro: How do you handle the pressures of playing for a club as great as Real Madrid?

I try not to be affected by praise or criticism. I try to work always to the maximum, do my best. And I have the ambition to become better day by day. 


@MightBeGodly: What was your favourite memory playing alongside Ronaldo?

I have many good memories, for example when I gave him an assist against PSG. That was a beautiful moment. 


@Cr7halamadrid37: Who is the greatest of all time?

I think it is between Messi and Cristiano.


@Amacuna: Do you wish to retire at Real Madrid?

I hope so, I hope I can retire at Real Madrid.


@Messigician10: Hey Lucas, how did you feel when you first walked onto the Bernabeu pitch?

I was a little nervous, but also felt a high of so many great emotions, it's very difficult to explain that feeling.


@CR7SUUUUUUU: What is your best asset as a player?

My work, my mentality and my verticality.


@Grucci: Why do you wear No. 17?

I always loved that number. I like 7 very much, and 17.


@ManchesterUTD: What has been the best goal you have scored in your career?

I have many haha

My header against Rayo Vallecano was special, another good one was against Villareal, and all the Champions League goals are special.  


@AndrewMayer777: Who on the team is like your 'little brother'?