Westminster Dog Show 2020 Results: Best of Breed Winners and Final Recap

Blake SchusterContributor IIIFebruary 12, 2020

Siba, the standard poodle, poses for photographs after winning Best in Show in the 144th Westminster Kennel Club dog show, Tuesday, Feb. 11, 2020, in New York. (AP Photo/John Minchillo)
John Minchillo/Associated Press

A standard poodle was named Best in Show at the 2020 Westminster Dog Show in New York on Tuesday.

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BEST. IN. SHOW. 🥇 Siba the Standard Poodle claims the top honor at the #WKCDogShow! It is the 5th win for the breed, good for fourth-most all-time. https://t.co/OYBCtTcwnr

Four-year-old Siba took home top honors on the final day of the competition, just getting past the six other finalists after surviving the field of 2,500 pooches. The runners-up included Vinny the wire fox terrier, Wilma the boxer, Daniel the golden retriever, Bourbon the whippet, Bono the Havanese and Conrad the Shetland sheepdog.

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Here are the 7 finalists! Who would you name Best in Show? 🥇 #WKCDogShow https://t.co/T6KaLrpVd4

Here's what happened before Siba ended up on top after an eventful day at Madison Square Garden.


Westminster Dog Show Group Winners

Breed, name

2020 Best in Show

Poodles (Standard), GCHP CH Stone Run Afternoon Tea

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Siba’s new life of fame! #WKCDogShow https://t.co/cejiDYWW0D


2020 Reserve Best in Show

Whippets, GCHG CH Pinnacle Kentucky Bourbon

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The winner of the Hound group is Bourbon the Whippet! #WKCDogShow https://t.co/cag0AAbnMb


Sporting Group

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The winner of the Sporting Group is Daniel the #GoldenRetriever! #WKCDogShow https://t.co/IZ3RuK6fQU

1. Retrievers (Golden), GCHP CH Hillock's Jack Daniel

2. Pointers (German Wirehaired), GCH CH Heywire N Deep Harbor Love That Dirty Water

3. Spaniels (Cocker), GCHG Foley's Frat Party

4. Vizslas, GCHP CH Tradewind's Ida Bomb

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The Sporting Group brought the 🔥🔥 tonight. Will Daniel go on to become the first Golden Retriever EVER to win Best in Show? #WKCDogShow https://t.co/BpxYTt89U2

This was a massive victory for Daniel, the golden retriever. Amazingly, a golden has never earned Best in Show.


Working Group

1. Boxers, GCHP2 CH Cinnibon's Bedrock Bombshell

2. Siberian Huskies, GCHP CH Sharin Nick of Dynasty Rc Kennel

3. Mastiffs, GCHP CH Millenniums Ain'T No Stopping Us Now

4. Samoyeds, GCHB CH Polar Mist Kick Up The Party

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The Boxer goes back-to-back! Congratulations to Wilma on winning the Working Group two years in a row. #WKCDogShow https://t.co/Msi6tVZlRv

Wilma the boxer earned her second consecutive appearance in the final seven with the Working Group victory.


Terrier Group

1. Fox Terriers (Wire), GCHB CH Irvonhill Voignier

2. Welsh Terriers, GCHG Brightluck Money Talks

3. American Staffordshire Terriers, GCHP CH Roadhouse's Life Of The Party

4. Kerry Blue Terriers, GCHB CH Kallehan Super Power

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Vinny is a winner! The Fox Terrier wins the seventh and final group ahead of Best in Show! #WKCDogShow https://t.co/R58U3fg2sr


Another repeat as Vinny the wire fox terrier returned to the final seven after the same breed took home Best in Show last year.

That doesn't mean there weren't other good dogs in New York this week. How the judges were able to choose between any of these pups is inconceivable. They are all worthy.

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Which breed are you cheering for in the Working group? #WKCDogShow https://t.co/pOmL67wRP0

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Fun Fact: Slow-mo was specifically created for the #WKCDogShow https://t.co/XMsg094U2O

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It is estimated that during 300 years of rescue work, Saint Bernards have saved over 2,000 lives. #WKCDogShow https://t.co/toTAiBvvUX

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The Staffordshire Bull Terrier is brave, tenacious, and clever. #WKCDogShow https://t.co/esp4qiePp1

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Komondor are dignified, brave, and loyal. #WKCDogShow https://t.co/TgRx9gPISZ

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Louie the Giant Schnauzer is having fun out there! And so are we. ❤️❤️❤️ #WKCDogShow https://t.co/Nr5Gi9haoV

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Game recognize game! 😂😍 @ErinAndrews' dog is rooting hard for Daniel at the #WKCDogShow https://t.co/Mn1cdd8Q71

On Monday night, Siba's handler, Crystal Murray-Clas, told reporters this would be the dog's last time performing. On Tuesday, Siba retired a champion, taking home the title of Best in Show in one of the most famous contests at the World's Most Famous Arena.