Chad Ochocinco on Tom Brady's Regression, Changing His Name, More from B/R AMA

Scott Polacek@@ScottPolacekFeatured ColumnistDecember 16, 2019

GREEN BAY, WISCONSIN - SEPTEMBER 22: Chad Javon Johnson, known from 2008–2012 as Chad Ochocinco, is a former American football wide receiver is seen on the sideline before the game between the Green Bay Packers and the Denver Broncos at Lambeau Field on September 22, 2019 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. (Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images)
Bleacher Report

Former NFL wide receiver Chad Ochocinco joined Bleacher Report on Monday to discuss a number of topics, including why the Cincinnati Bengals should draft Chase Young over Joe Burrow with the first pick, playing alongside Terrell Owens, why he changed his name and a locker room prank he will "never forget."

Spoiler alert, it involved his first car. 

Here is a look at the highlights from Monday's session with the six-time Pro Bowler.


@bootymeat You think Tom's regression this year is his fault, wide receivers, or coaching?

Ochocinco: I mean that's just the way football is in general. I mean when a team is that good year in and year out...their identity this season has been their defense. Next year I think will be different. I don't even think tom will be there next year honestly. I can feel it.


@obrown What made you think of changing your name?

I didn't really think about it. It was just an idea. It was a running joke in the locker room by Carson Palmer. "Dude, you should put Ochocinco on the back of your jersey for this game". Spanish Heritage Month we were playing the Falcons. I made the equipment manager put the name Ochocinco on the back of the jersey for warmups. You remember Carson Palmer came and snatched it off. Tuesday or Monday morning I had a fine letter in my locker, 30 grand... 30 grand! For altering the uniform. Not even for the game, for warmup. I appealed it. Fine came back declined.

So for a big F U to the NFL, I decided to change my name. It was more of an F U to them, but it turned into a brand so I just went with it. But that really wasn't the case with it, it was more of an F U for taking the money for something they allow now. 


@TheOGFloridaMan Who do you want your bengals to pick in the upcoming draft?

I'd rather Chase Young. There's no reason to bring in Joe with the o-line there. We have huge issues with the offensive line. Andy has shown he can be efficient, he can be good, he's been to the playoffs a few times. Better than anything my Bengals did.


@redsbetanking Chase Young or Joe Burrow?

Depends on what team. Cincinnati might have the first pick. I go chase young. I don't bring joe burrow in that situation with the offensive line.


@WavyStoner Who's your favorite player to burn one with?

My favorite player to burn one with, which is not what you're referring to is, Willis McGahee or Reggie Wayne. They smoke heavy.


@ChickfilaAisbetta Chick-fil-A or Popeyes?

Neither. No. who eats chick-fil-a? They butchered the english language. I'm supposed to eat there? I don't trust you guys. I don't eat popeyes. I eat McDonald's.


@myousif What led you to pick the number 85?

You don't have a choice coming in as a rookie. You take what they give you. You have no authority. 


@JRD22 Do you think you could be a pro bowl kicker in today's game?

Yeah i could have been a pro bowl kicker in my era. Kicker doesn't matter what era you're in. i think I could have done that. I think im goint to try to out next year. Why not? 


@SillyDingus What whitening products do you use for those beautiful pearly whites?

What's the name of it? It's in my suitcase right now. Peroxide something? I forgot the name of it


@gnu7923 Could u help the eagles right now goat???

Could I help the eagles right now? At 41? Absolutely...not. I'd be a viable option on 3rd downs. 


@Vera what's the most you've ever spent at McDonalds

Ummm...maybe 60 bucks. It was a bunch of people and I footed the bill.


@Jimmy98 what was it like playing with Terrell Owens for one year and how successful do you think it would have been if you were both in your primes and it was long term?

That's a good one. The chance of two players that caliber would be on the same team is slim to none. It's very rare. Having 2 elite receivers, it's all about opportunity and the targets you get that year. That year, on paper it looked great. But it's not the same. We didn't put up the numbers we should have. But in our prime? That would be scary. I don't care what you did defensively.


@LarryLegendGOAT Best thing about Carson Palmer?

I mean it was a good quarterback for one. He was responsible for basically all my success.  Off the field he was cool as well. And we're still in touch this day. The fact that I still communicate with him from time to time is dope. 


@nategee Can you redraft the first ten in your draft class

No. I know number 1 thought it was Michael Vick. I know the first receiver too: it was david terrell if I'm not mistaken. He had a monster year at michigan. 


@Northern19 Super bowl pick?

Oh, it's too early. I mean the best way to like decipher it is after the first set of playoff games. It's easier. If i had to just take a guess, it's hard, it's a toss up. Once you get to the playoffs everyone's good, someone might just have a bad day. I'd like to say patriots, but with their inconsistency, it's scary to even pick them.


@jonahmiddleton Who was your favorite NFL defender to play against?

I got Deion Sanders. Late in his career in Baltimore. That was amazing. With a skillset like that, you don't lose it. 


@BlueFalcon05 favorite locker room story

There's too many. Most of them are jokes. They put the rookie linemen in the cold tub zip tied. It's one thing to be in the cold tub, but to not even be able to move. That really sucks. 


@js What's your take on Josh Gordon getting suspended again?

It's unfortunate. A player of his caliber keeps getting the chances he does because he's an exceptional talent. I love dude. I just hope he gets the help he needs and I'd like to see him well off. Even after the game of football is gone, just in general with life. 


@keegandyap Who have you lost to in FIFA?

A few people. A few. A handful. A few. After 100s of games played, it happened. A few pro gamers.


@PhillipMackroch If you could swap players on any two teams who would they be?

On any two? I'd like to put Julio on the Eagles. I don't wanna take anybody off. I'd just like Julio to be on the Eagles because they have a good group of receivers, but they need that ughhh. 


@anthony_west Favorite TD Celebration?

I didn't do it. 2005 we played the chiefs, remember the staples commerical. Remember the easy button? I put an easy button under the north and sound endzone under the goalposts if i happened to score, i would have gone under and hit the easy button and that would have been it. I didn't score so i didn't do it. 


@jonnyQ Can you hit me with a 'Child Please'

Child please johnny q


@In_Bill_We_Trust: What's your favorite untold Tom Brady story?

I don't have any. Wasn't there long enough to have a story told. Outside the fact that the Tom Brady you see on tv isn't who he actually is because he has to be...you ever hear Peyton Manning? You really think he's like that, giving the answers right all the time? It sucks that people on the outside world don't get to meet the authentic people, no cameras, just me. Everytime you see Tom it's PC, I got to know the real person, they are so dope. Peyton? Dawg? So funny. Those dudes are unbelievable. 


@Dejan what's your best lockerroom prank ever?

The icy hot in the jockstrap and the baby powder in the helmet. Those kind of got old. The baby powder one was a really good one.  

As a rookie they hurt my feelings. I never forget. My first car. I had it painted lavender, beautiful. The veterans at Bengals camp used a fire extinguisher and didn't realize my windows were down. Next day the entire insides were ruined. They didn't care. Vets been there 10-12 years they didn't care they messed up my car. 


@ballerhoops55 who was your favorite quarterback to play with

Carson. Of course. We had others that are statistically better overall...but


@SallaDSteeler If you were in Baltimore in your prime with Lamar would you break the record for most yards in a single season receiving?

That offense is different. Probably not. One of the few teams that isn't pass happy and they don't need to be. 


@loganbertram What was your favorite food spot in Corvallis when you were at OSU?

Back then I was eating McDonald's as well. It was McDonald's back then. I can't remember anything outside of that I used to eat.


@jerrycoleman You think your daughter faster than you when you was her age?

Yeah. easily. Oh yeah. I didn't get fast until later on when i got older. I'd win 100. 


@Vicarious What are your thoughts on Sean McVay? Do you think an offensive coordinator would significantly help the Rams out on offense? 

He's good. Significantly? Did you not see the Rams last year? They were phenomenal.  Now they not as good this year...see how impatient people are. 


@RolloTomassi who wins the Champions League this year in Europe?

Napoli. What kind of question is that? Yes I'm going with Napoli. Yes, I said it here first. Bet it in the book. Napoli is going to win Champions League and upset Barcelona. 


@youngcanuck What do you want to be remembered for?

Me? My authenticity. And never conforming to the way they felt i should be. The media...if you don't fall in line.. ‘act like you been here before' for what? I haven't. You know what it took to get to this point? Forget you


@Bostonsports11 Who is the GOAT in your opinion

At what position? That can go so many ways? Offensive or defensively? For receivers it out of to and moss? Jerry rice is great and i all but i didn't see him play. For my eyes to and randy moss. I was able to see deion. Tom. ray lewis. 


@Vernstradamus: Have you ever heard stories of NFL players betting on games?

No. Gambling does go on, but it's always dice and spades. We all shoot dice. I mean I don't gamble, but spades and dice are universal. Any sport.


@benhatter: Will Antonio Brown play in the NFL again?

Definitely. Next year. Despite the issues he's having, most of them personal, what he can do on the field far exceeds all that stuff. Many teams. Many. The need for not just a receiver, an elite receiver that can change the dynamic of your offense...


@smohanty522: What was it like being a Patriot?

I've never been to the army. Never been in the military. But if i had to take a guess on the discipline it took to join...that's what it took to be a patriot. And i mean that in every sense. Everyone is expendable except 12. 


@stephenAsmith: What sports analysis has bothered you the most throughout your career?

None really. I really enjoy it. I enjoy playing away from home, i like the noise, i like to hear what you're saying. I love and found respect for stephen a and skip bayless...and what's his name from fox? Jason whitlock. The more they love to talk, it just egged me on. I wish i did like play in this technology era, with social meida. It would have been amazing. 


@jakebartelli: If you could play this season in your prime as a free agent who would you sign with?

Dolphins. Always wanted to play at home. Definitely home. 


@saba44: What made you fall in love with FIFA?

I fell in love with soccer early. FIFA didn't come out to 93. Didn't have the resources to play soccer in Miami, people laugh at you with a soccer ball in the hood. Was always my love, but just couldn't play it. 


@SavvytariuS: Jerry Rice or Randy Moss?

Oooo I like Randy. Jerry's awesome, but the best talent hands down is randy moss. The hand-eye coordination, the concentration. At a high rate of speed, you always lose equilibrium, you're always out of whack. He was always so...I don't know how man...for some reason he was always intact. I don't know if that makes sense. And he was 4.2 at 6'5" and to see him raise his hand, he hasn't even passed the DB yet and his hands in the air. That's freakish.


@pfig89: What makes a great route runner?

To me man illusion. Being able to give the illusion you're doing something you're not. That's it. You think I'm going left I'm going right. The illusion. 


@ImWitKapStill: What WR best resembles your game that's playing now?

Probably Terry Mclaurin. Washington. That suddenness, that quickness, that ahh, Terry Mclaurin. He's nice


@Joshwat1: Have you ever considered being a WR coach at any level?

Nah. The work that needs to be done for receivers is done in the offseason, once you're in a structured environment during the season it's Xs and Os. 


@tigersj10: Your opinion on AJ Green?

He's really good. Very good. Better Bengal than I ever was. 


@rflo23: Why did Marvin Lewis get chance after chance?

I think that's more so the way organization runs everything. The Browns wouldn't pay a coach that's fired. That's probably part of the reason why.


@camboozle6: What was your favorite city you visited?

Probably Dawg. rome. The coliseum. How? How? No cranes, no technology, but the coliseum is bigger than some of today's stadiums. That makes no sense. 


@83patscuz: Was it really mcdonalds every day?

Back then? It's well documented. Every video, every hard knocks, what am i eating? 


@Exer457: Favorite christmas movie?

That's easy. Ummm..christmas story. Im gonna shoot your eye out. I always wanted a bb gun because of that. 


@JRossS: If you could play with any qb right now who would it be?

Right now? Probably aaron rodgers. I like aaron. Me and AR are cool. 


@uzii: Who's faster, you or Julio?

Right now? Idk he's probably fast. I ran a 4.3 in my pro day. He did as well. We're all the same speed at the top. Besides a few. Chris johnson, mike wallace, mecole hardman. They're in a class of their own. 


@JuLoading: Tacos or burgers?

Burgers! Come on JU.


@domadizzle do you think Palmer should be in the Hall of Famer conversation? I say...hell nah! But I wanna know know what you think since you were around him.

Great question. It's hard for me to answer. I don't know the totality of his answers. And for quarterbacks it's much harder.


@radrobbert You have any desire to coach in the NFL?

Neither. The time needed to be a coach in college or nfl, it's time consuming. It's ridiculous. You have no life.


@Djayy22 Minshew or Foles

I like Nick. He's taken a team to a damn super bowl.


@TyrusM02 what do you think the future holds for Mike Thomas?

Sky's the limit/ great situation. Great offensive scheme, great qb. Nothing can go wrong if he stays injury free. Numbers are gonna skyrocket year in and year out.


@jruds17 U said on Hard Knocks you would do porn 😂😂😂, were u serious aobut that to look at for the fam???

I don't know. That'd be awesome, right? Yeah. yeah i'd go. My name chocolate thunder.


@dylanyag What came first, the chicken or the egg?

The chicken. Can't get the egg without the chicken unless you stole it somewhere.


@johnnykay21 Do you still have the black semi truck you got yourself for your birthday? 

Oh no. i love that car. Tell em i been in my smart car ever since 2006. Everything i bought outside of that i got rid of.


@alweinberg Best response to your trash talk?

Can't remember. Been so long. Nothing that sticks out