eUnited's Top Plays, Prize Money from PUBG NPL 2019 Week 12

Theo SalaunContributor IIISeptember 15, 2019

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Of all dinners, a chicken dinner is often the hardest to come by. Unless you're eUnited, of course. In Week 12 of the PlayerUnknown's Battleground National Public League, eUnited took over and set themselves up in a strong position for Phase 3.

The prize pool for Phase 3 is set at $200,000, and the winner earns candidacy for PUBG's Global Championship and its $2 million purse.

It was just the second week of a streamlined Phase 3, which features six matches per day between the North American pool's 16 teams (Days 2 and 3 on Sunday and Tuesday). The map pool has also been modified to include Sanhok.

After Soniqs Esports' secured the top spot in Week 11, eUnited fragged out in Week 12, scooping 21 points and ascending to the top of the rankings with 151 points (and 88 kills).

And they did it with a nutty Map 6 performance, as they got 11 kills and were the last men standing to secure the final chicken dinner of Week 12.

eUnited @eUnited

It's a hectic final circle but #eUPUBG is left standing with an 11 kill victory after the smoke clears! Chicken Dinner secured! 🐔🍽️ https://t.co/piIXTJWG3o

The day's matches shook up the overall standings quite a bit. By grabbing second place in Map 6, Team Envy got themselves the second-most points this week and earned a spot in NPL's top five for Phase 3. That seven-kill, 13-point performance landed them in the fifth overall spot.

Soniqs Esports were the top team in Week 11, and they kept the pedal down in Week 12. By earning 12 points, they grabbed third place this week and kept themselves in the top three overall. Now, the standings have eUnited on top (151 points, 88 kills), Tempo Storm in second (137 points, 80 kills), Soniqs Esports at third (129 points, 80 kills), Lazarus Esports in fourth (123 points, 76 kills) and Team Envy at fifth (117 points, 69 kills).

OGN Esports @OGNEsports

#NPL Phase 3 Day 3 is a wrap! @Tempo_Storm made a run to the top, but @eUnited held strong to the lead. We're back tomorrow at 1:30 PM PT. 📺https://t.co/SG5Wg2Fi01 📺https://t.co/C8KX4X3Xpk https://t.co/NgSR5wHJI6

The standings are close and Phase 3 still has two more weeks of play to go. While eUnited set themselves up properly this week, Tempo Storm, Soniqs Esports and the others are still very much in the race for a shot at $200,000 and the eventual $2 million global prize pool.


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