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4 Dec 2000:  A pair of Muay Thai Kickboxing gloves show that the facilities at the gym in Klong Toei section of Bangkok, Thailand are nowhere near the standards of gyms in the United States. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
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The One Armed Bandit that,s what they call Baxter Humby,Born in Winninpeg,Canada in 1974 Baxter Humby was born with no right hand it was amputated at birth just below his elbow after becoming entangled with his umbilical cord so all out his young life got told he could not do much because of the loss of his right hand but at the age of 17 baxter humby become interested in muay thai and kickboxing were he would become a champion in both and now hold,s titles like the ikba international kickboxing championship and the imtc world middle weight championship and the ikkc usa kickboxing championship and has won 15 titles in his career and also has  black belt,s in taukwondo and sik tai and baxter humby has a fight record of 70 wins-11 losses-and 1 draw and has had  over 13 knockout,s.Baxter Humby has also participated in the film spider man 3 he took Toby Maguires place in filming a fight scene between spider man and sandman baxter humby helped deliver the intended effect of punching through sandmans chest.Baxter Humby has also travelled to china to star in the film ''one arm hero''it was produced by martial arts film star carter wong who also did big trouble in little china.baxter Humby the one armed bandit is hoping one day to join the ufc and to be the first one armed fighter in ufc history.What im writing about today is that anybody can do anythink look at Baxter Humby he has one arm and has won over 15 kickboxing and muay thai titles and one day hopes to join the ufc so people we can do anythink we want just look at Baxter Humby the one armed bandit.SORRY I TRIED TO UPLOAD A PHOTO FOR YOU BUT IT DIDNT WORK I WILL TRY TO GET ONE SOON SO HERE IS A PHOTO OF SOME BOXING,KICKBOXING GLOVES SORRY.


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