Video: Fortnite Season X Trailer, New Map, BRUTE, Vault, More Season 10 Changes

Tim Daniels@TimDanielsBRFeatured ColumnistAugust 1, 2019

A subway station with Fortnite characters banner is seen after after the Solo competition at the 2019 Fortnite World Cup July 28, 2019 near Arthur Ashe Stadium, in New York City. (Photo by Johannes EISELE / AFP)        (Photo credit should read JOHANNES EISELE/AFP/Getty Images)

The 10th season of Fortnite Battle Royale, dubbed Fortnite Season X by developer Epic Games, kicked off Thursday morning with the return of Dusty Depot on the map, a new playable character named B.R.U.T.E. and several mobility items heading to the vault.

Here's a look at the official Season 10 trailer:

Although the Fortnite gamers who expected either widespread map changes or a completely new map released for Season X will be disappointed, longtime players will be happy to see Dusty Depot back in the center of the island with its outpost factories also in play once again:

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B.R.U.T.E. is Epic Games' latest game-changing mechanic that's likely to generate plenty of backlash within the competitive community.

While described in the patch notes as a vehicle, it's actually a wrecking machine operated by two players that can quickly navigate around the map destroying structures and dealing serious damage. It features both a shotgun for close-range combat and missiles for serious medium-range pressure.

In addition, B.R.U.T.E. can farm materials for its users at a ridiculously fast rate.

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The flint-knock pistol is the only weapon placed in the vault that may be missed, though the return of the pump shotgun caused its usage to fade late in Season 9. The semi-auto sniper, tactical assault rifle, mounted turret and air strike were all fringe weapons.

Losing so many mobility items—Baller, Quad Crasher, shadow bombs and glider redeploy—in coordination with the removal of the main slipstream and sky platforms is going to change the feel of the game, though. It's going to create a much slower environment.

Meanwhile, the game's competitive Arena Mode was restructured for the new season.

Duos has been removed from the playlist, leaving just solos and trios. There are now 10 separate divisions of competition with 14,000 hype points required to reach the top level (Champion III).

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wait like get these mechs out of arena wtf you smoking epic?

Finally, the Fortnite Battle Pass is back for another season. It includes two new skins and the opportunity to earn more by completing challenges and earning XP. The battle pass, which costs 950 V-Bucks (the equivalent of $9.50), also includes a variety of different items, including emotes and pickaxes.

More map changes are expected throughout the season as the patch notes explained "locations once thought to be lost are beginning to appear" and it would be a surprise if some new mobility items weren't added, but the initial reaction to Season 10 will probably be mixed.