WWE Raw Preview: Money in the Bank Fallout and More for May 20 Episode

Erik Beaston@@ErikBeastonFeatured ColumnistMay 20, 2019

Credit: WWE.com

The 2019 Money in the Bank pay-per-view provided fans with a few memorable moments, but none was more shocking or unforgettable than the final minutes of the men's namesake ladder match.

Brock Lesnar emerged from a post-WrestleMania hiatus to enter the match unannounced, retrieve the guaranteed title opportunity and set up what promises to be, at the very least, a few tumultuous weeks for universal champion Seth Rollins.

What is expected to be Lesnar's return to Monday's broadcast is just one of the talking points fans should expect from the May 20 episode.


Beast in the Bank

Lesnar's victory Sunday night sets in motion one of two scenarios: either he announces he is cashing in on June 7 in Saudi Arabia or he takes the more sadistic route, torturing universal champion Rollins with the unknown.


Watch out, @WWERollins... @BrockLesnar has a GUARANTEED #UniversalTitle opportunity! #MITB https://t.co/X2WoGEXEyk

Lesnar could easily hand over his briefcase and announce that he is cashing in his opportunity against the man who humiliated him at WrestleMania. That would be the unwanted path, a predictable one that renders the hard work of the other seven guys in that ladder match Sunday meaningless.

If Lesnar holds onto it, though, stalks after the champion like a predator eyeing its prey, then cashes in at the most unexpected time, there is an element of mystery that could fuel the WWE product over its typically slow and uneventful summer months.

Expect to have an idea of what The Beast intends to do with his newly attained prize Monday, though, as WWE looks to begin the hype for its next glorified house show in Saudi Arabia.


The Man Is out for Revenge

Becky Two Belts was a nice catchphrase that sold a few T-shirts, but it proved short-lived. Becky Lynch lost the SmackDown Women's Championship Sunday night, courtesy of interference from Lacey Evans, and will be looking for vengeance Monday on Raw.

That means no-good, very bad things for The Sassy Southern Belle, who was unsuccessful in relieving The Man of the Raw brand's title Sunday.


Rub your sweaty handkerchief in #TheMan's face??? Not smart! #MITB @BeckyLynchWWE @LaceyEvansWWE https://t.co/9OhS2TP3N2

More than anything, that development proves the trust and faith WWE officials have in Evans to be a star of its women's division. They could have easily moved onto the next challenger, but instead, the creative team is sticking by Evans and doing everything it can to create a star out of her.

Even if she has to endure a beating at the hands of a vengeance-fueled Lynch Monday.

Now with renewed purpose, one can only hope this brings about the return of the edgy antihero that fans threw their support behind earlier in the year.


Where Does the Phenomenal One Fit?

AJ Styles came within seconds of defeating Seth Rollins and capturing the Universal Championship Sunday night at Money in the Bank. The Phenomenal One delivered his trademark Styles Clash finisher but was unable to put The Beastslayer down.

Rollins would ultimately retain his title with the stomp before the Superstars engaged in a show of respect.


EXCLUSIVE: @AJStylesOrg may have brought his 'A' game... But @WWERollins brought his 'A+' game at #MITB! https://t.co/bVVq1KJGfp

That is good and all, but where does it leave Styles going forward?

We saw Baron Corbin pin Rollins in a tag team match last Monday, and social media posts, in which the former Raw general manager continues to brag about the victory, suggest he may be in line to challenge Rollins next.

Then there is the aforementioned threat of Lesnar looming, which should keep Rollins looking over his shoulder.

Possibilities for Styles' next program? Drew McIntyre, who has not had a high-profile match with AJ to this point. Bobby Lashley—but he appears busy with Braun Strowman for the next few weeks as WWE builds to its Super Showdown.

One to watch? Sami Zayn, who was written out of Money in the Bank and will be looking to get closer to the same title Styles covets.