Former WCW, Lucha Libre Legend Silver King Dies at Age 51

Joseph Zucker@@JosephZuckerFeatured ColumnistMay 12, 2019


Cesar Cuauhtemoc Gonzalez Barron, who's most remembered from his run in WCW as Silver King, died Saturday, WWE announced.

According to the Camden New Journal, Silver King was competing in a Lucha Libre World match when he collapsed in the ring and suffered cardiac arrest. Medical personnel reportedly attempted to revive the 51-year-old but were unsuccessful.

Lucha Libre World canceled the remainder of the event.

A number of wrestling luminaries recounted their experiences interacting with Silver King throughout their careers:

Silver King first gained wide acclaim with his work in Mexican promotion Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre and enjoyed multiple title reigns with the company.

He made his WCW debut in 1997 as it assembled a roster of the best in-ring technicians throughout the world. While not one of the biggest stars of the division, Silver King was among the cruiserweights who helped WCW differentiate itself from the WWF.

In addition to his work inside the ring, Silver King had a role in the 2006 film Nacho Libre. His character, Ramses, was one of the antagonists for star Jack Black.