Shane McMahon Emerging as the Top Heel, New 24/7 Title and More WWE Raw Fallout

Kevin Berge@TheBerge_Featured ColumnistMay 21, 2019

Shane McMahon Emerging as the Top Heel, New 24/7 Title and More WWE Raw Fallout

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    Money in the Bank 2019 brought with it a heavy amount of controversy, particularly focused on Brock Lesnar's surprising win in the main event. However, the May 20 edition of WWE Raw felt like it immediately started looking forward.

    Shane McMahon continued to build momentum as one of the biggest heel stars on the roster as he began to turn his attention to Roman Reigns.

    Cesaro got a brand-new entrance, which signaled a fresh start for the veteran performer. He seemed to finally come off as a star again, putting away a noticeably injured Ricochet with relative ease.

    Mick Foley introduced the new 24/7 Championship to a reaction that could be generously labelled as mixed. This new comedy title did not sit well with fans, though it may prove the chance guys such as Robert Roode and EC3 need after lackluster recent runs.

    Lars Sullivan continued to be showcased as a monster with little tact from WWE given his recent controversies, while The Usos and The Revival overcame horrible storytelling to put on a fantastic match.

    This week's Raw had surprises, suspense and even more controversy, leaving most fans wondering what could possibly come next.

Shane McMahon Should Not Be a Top Heel in WWE, Especially on Both Brands

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    Shane McMahon continued to dominate television time as he interrupted Roman Reigns and stated he was now done with The Miz after his fluke steel cage victory on Sunday. He was ready to turn to The Big Dog, announcing he would fight him at WWE Super ShowDown on June 7.

    While McMahon vs. Miz has worked as a feud thanks to strong chemistry and a well-developed story, WWE has seemingly gotten overly ambitious with Boy Wonder's potential impact. He is now being treated as a legitimate rival to Reigns after falling into victories against The A-Lister.

    While WWE may be correct in believing Shane-O-Mac is a name fans will pay to see, his actual match quality will suffer from overexposure. A bout with Reigns sounds like a mess that will not do much for an already lackluster card in Saudi Arabia.

    The two do not have styles that will mesh well, and it will be hard to believe McMahon could sustain any real offense against The Big Dog. He spent both of his matches with Miz getting beaten down from bell to bell.

    Drew McIntyre was set up as McMahon's new heavy when he should be standing out on his own. He should be the guy beating Miz and Reigns while setting himself up for a Universal Championship opportunity.

Cesaro Has Been Rebranded for a New Singles Run

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    Cesaro goaded Ricochet into fighting despite still recovering from a back injury suffered at Money in the Bank. While The One and Only fought valiantly, he was no match for a focused Swiss Superman, who put him away with a European uppercut, backbreaker and Neutralizer.

    While his new entrance will likely get mixed reviews, it was good to see Cesaro getting a fresh start. His new theme and presentation made him feel like he had divorced himself from The Bar entirely, and he can now become a force on Raw by himself.

    He and Rey Mysterio were great last week. This week, he and Ricochet gave a hint of what they can do together. He's coming out of his shell after years of working alongside Sheamus, and the powerful performer finally feels ready for the spotlight.

    It will be interesting to see how he is used in the coming months. He could be a major star for WWE if he is used properly. He and Seth Rollins could be fantastic together, and he would be much better featured as United States champion nowadays than he was in his first run.

    If things go wrong, though, he might soon be battling for the 24/7 title alongside many others who feel like they have a chance at stardom at the moment like Ricochet.

WWE Has Not Been Tactful with Lars Sullivan

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    Lars Sullivan was set to speak for the first time on a live mic on the main roster when The Lucha House Party interrupted, angry about his attack at Money in the Bank. They stood their ground with the heavyweight but were still forced to retreat.

    PerΒ Forbes, Sullivan's past racist comments brought a hefty $100,000 fine, but he has not suffered at all on screen. In fact, he is being treated as a higher priority to well-respected veterans and some who were directly offended by his statements.

    It would make more sense to take him off television for several weeks while he goes through sensitivity training. Instead, he continues to make Kalisto, Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik look like fools, after they picked a fight with one man and lost.

    The Freak may be an impressive performer in size, stature and power, but he has much to prove now especially since wrestlers have lost far more momentum for far lesser offenses over the years.

The 24/7 Title Is an Ugly but Effective Way to Make More of the Roster Relevant

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    Mick Foley came out for his big announcement as he showcased a new WWE title, the 24/7 Championship, stating that anyone from any brand, including NXT, could win it at any time.

    He laid it down for the wrestlers to grab with Titus O'Neil managing to defeat the rush to take the belt. However, the first-ever reign with the new title ended shortly with Robert Roode rolling up O'Neil from behind to capture the championship.

    As The Glorious One seemed poised to escape WWE as champion, R-Truth caught him in the parking lot and won the championship, escaping in a limousine.

    This was not a well-received announcement by Foley, particularly since he was basically announcing the Hardcore Championship without actually doing so. But it does feel like the right move for the company, despite the title being impressively ugly.

    Every single one of the stars in this segment has barely gotten screen time in recent months. O'Neil has been missing for months, and he became a singles champion for the first time in his career. A championship reign as the 24/7 champion means less than other titles, but it still means a TV spotlight.

    This is mostly a comedy title that fuels secondary storytelling, but it works especially with the WWE Network. Anyone, at any time, can win the title. We could see the championship change hands in the WWE Performance Center, aired live during a commercial break on the Network.

    There's so much potential here that could be explored, and finally everyone is relevant at any time with this title in play. Certain stars will emerge from this experiment better for it, proving their comedy chops.

No Matter How Bad the Story, The Usos vs. The Revival Is a Match Worth Seeing

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    In a fantastic back-and-forth contest between two of the best tag teams in the world today, The Usos and The Revival went all out. While Jimmy and Jey got close to the win on multiple occasions, Dash Wilder managed to give Scott Dawson enough space to get a roll-up with a handful of tights for the win.

    These two teams have been wasted for a month now in an embarrassing story that seemingly was just meant to make Dawson and Wilder look bad. Luckily, in the end, talent rises above when given time to shine, and these teams overdelivered in the best match of the night.

    This was non-stop action from the start with some great near-falls throughout. In particular, The Revival looked fantastic, showing off tag team maneuvers they've rarely been able to pull out.

    While it is likely we will be watching more antics in the weeks to come as Jimmy and Jey make up for their loss by insulting and belittling their heel rivals, at least this was a promise that the matches at the end may just be worth everything.

    These two are, arguably, the best tag teams in WWE. They are in the conversation to be considered the best in the entire world. Let them fight.