Will the Raiders Be Dragged Down by Coach Tom Cable's Past?

Al's WingmanAnalyst INovember 2, 2009

Unpleasant working conditions have gotten a little worse than grim for Oakland Raiders head coach Tom Cable.

What Cable does and has done is a reflection of the Raiders organization. It does not look good at all when allegations surface of domestic abuse in Cable’s past.

We have to ask ourselves, why is this coming to light at this time? Two women, one a former wife, and the other a former girlfriend were interviewed by ESPN. For what purpose?

Why would ESPN intentionally paint a portrait of Cable as a man with an anger management problem? Who stands to gain from this?

Whatever their intentions, ESPN’s segment helps Randy Hanson and his legal team.

Is it coincidence the former girlfriend is interviewed in a lawyer's office (and if you doubt that, look at the background of the ESPN segment. It's pretty obvious).

Hanson has a notion his job with the Raiders will be restored by way of legal wrangling (since that is his only option left). It would seem his attorney is positioning his forthcoming civil suit case to do just that.

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My speculation is Hanson’s legal team somehow got this idea rolling with a producer at ESPN. A scoop is a scoop, and Outside the Lines is pretty much designed to dig up dirt like this. So “why not?” asks ESPN. It’s not like the Raiders' front office is cooperative with us when we ask for simple things. This could be a bite back from the media.

Let's not underestimate the power of legal persuasion. Al Davis' massive team of lawyers are equipped to do endless battle through the legal system but is this something they really feel obligated to throw their weight into?

They may not have a choice.

Though this forthcoming case does not have the vim and vigor of an Al Davis fronted maneuver. It is a defensive posture yet history tells us Davis prefers to do battle before making a payout. Such as with the McGah family, for example. That was ugly.

There is the matter of high visibility, bad publicity and distraction to the organization. Is Davis willing to put with it? He can't be happy about an unwanted spotlight nor coach Cable's past coming to light.

Can anyone say background check? There are all kinds of legal things a sharpie shark (such as Hanson’s lawyer) can throw at Davis. You know, like why wasn’t a background check done on Cable to make sure he wasn’t the type of guy that could physically assault employees?

Is Davis willing to dole out a big cash outlay to Hanson simply for being the recipient of physical damage supposedly in some way as a result of Cable's outburst in close quarters?

Is this ugly incident enough to cast Davis at fault or is it Cable’s alone?

Perhaps Davis will cut his losses and fire Cable, let him flap in the wind and handle things on his own but will that make the problem go away entirely for the organization?

Questions and more questions.

It seems Davis handled things with decorum with Hanson immediately following the incident.  He is paying Hanson through this ordeal which shows good faith. We have to give Davis some credit here; even though Hanson does not deserve his salary, Davis and his own sharks realized the legal ramifications could come back at them in the event of a civil suit, so why not suck up the loss and pay Hanson?

Smooth, baby.

Where the Raiders have a leg to stand on is not taking Hanson back as a coach or anywhere in the organization. He had his chance and (allegedly) hung up the phone on Davis. Hanson walked away from a scouting job or some other reassignment.

Hanson has shown disloyalty and therefore is barred from the Raider organization.

Can you see the tears welling up in Hanson's eyes? Let's all cry for him. His boyhood dream is in tatters.


Cry us a river, Randy baby—you are a traitor! But you stand to be a rich traitor so cheer up kiddo.

But as for Cable...wow, can Davis get any worse at picking a head coach?

Based on what I perceive to be the credibility of the women reporting the incidents, I'm personally convinced Cable's past relationships with these women paints a picture of a guy with a valid anger management problem. 

Domestic violence is no joke, and it's something that triggers because of whatever the guy's temperament happens to be. Most guys are able to put things into context when getting angry. Most of us realize you don't just hit a woman (or anyone unless you want a battery charge). It's flat out wrong unless you are defending yourself or some unusual circumstance.

Whoever came up with the idea to reach into Cable past is either building a case against him for purposes of a civil suit or they just don't like Cable or want to damage the Raiders. Any way you slice it, these are underhanded tactics and it smells like the work of sharks out for blood.

Isn't it ironic that Hanson's salary from the Raiders organization "earned" while he sits on the couch is paying for the attorneys attacking the organization?