Who Would Be the Best Fit in a Modern-Day Version of D-Generation X?

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistMarch 13, 2019

Who Would Be the Best Fit in a Modern-Day Version of D-Generation X?

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    Road Dogg, Shawn Michaels, X-Pac, Triple H and Billy Gunn.
    Road Dogg, Shawn Michaels, X-Pac, Triple H and Billy Gunn.Credit: WWE.com

    The soon-to-be Hall of Famers, D-Generation X, will go down in history as one of the most popular and influential stables of all time, and like most good things from the past, somebody will probably try to reboot it someday. 

    A modern version of DX wouldn't be able to get away with some of the risque things Triple H and Shawn Michaels said and did back in the day, but it could still be done in a way that makes fans happy.

    With the right talents involved, WWE could put together a new version of DX as a way to create some new top stars and give some deserving midcard players a chance to shine alongside them.

    Triple H was a Connecticut snob before he paired up with The Heartbreak Kid and changed up his entire character to be edgier, and nobody can deny how much Billy Gunn and Road Dogg benefited from being in the stable.

    Let's take a look at today's roster and attempt to recreate DX with today's Superstars. 

Dolph Ziggler

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    The first thing WWE needs to find is its Shawn Michaels. A new DX would need someone with a similar workhorse attitude and flashy gimmick.

    Dolph Ziggler has been struggling to find a meaningful storyline for quite some time. His partnership with Drew McIntyre did more for the Scot than it did for The Showoff, and he hasn't been in the hunt for a world title in what feels like forever.

    We know he can do the frustrated, outspoken role well because he has done it before, and since DX is known for pushing the envelope with controversial humor, Ziggler's recent experience doing stand-up comedy would come in handy.

    A storyline like this is exactly what he needs to put him back into the main event scene. All he needs is the rest of the group to provide backup.


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    The next thing the group needs is someone to fill the role originally held by Triple H. This would have to be someone who can play both second fiddle and leader if necessary.

    This might sound strange, but Elias is somewhat perfect for the part. He and Triple H have a lot more in common than people may realize.

    For one thing, they both began with gimmicks that were never meant to be main event characters. Triple H was a snobby blueblood and Elias is a singer who barely ever gets to perform his songs without interruption.

    Elias is also more jacked than the announcers ever acknowledge. He is one of the more muscular Superstars on Raw but is never billed as a powerhouse, just like Triple H before he joined DX.

    Ziggler and Elias are both great at working the crowd and making people laugh, so just imagine what they could do together instead of alone.

Jazzy Gabert

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    One of the people who made DX stand out the most in its early days was Chyna. The powerhouse redefined what it was to be a woman in the pro wrestling industry, and it would be great if WWE put someone similar into the new group.

    The person who can fill this role already works for the company and has a loyal following after impressing the WWE Universe during the first Mae Young Classic, and her name is Jazzy Gabert.

    The German juggernaut brings the same kind of power and intensity to her performances as Chyna without feeling like she is trying to follow in the Ninth Wonder of the World's footsteps.

    Just imagine Ziggler and Elias showing up with a woman who looks like she could beat up every man on the roster. It would be awesome. 

The Brian Kendrick

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    Everyone in the original DX served a purpose. It had a main eventer, a tag team, a powerful woman and a cruiserweight. If WWE follows the same formula, someone from 205 Live is already an ideal candidate.

    The Brian Kendrick might be working as a babyface these days, but most of the WWE Universe knows him as a vindictive heel who will use every part of the ring to hurt his opponent. 

    He already has a rebellious attitude with attire to match. His veteran experience combined with his cunning mind would make him a formidable addition to the group.

    Kendrick has been with 205 Live since it first debuted. It's time WWE gave him some screen time on Raw and SmackDown Live alongside some other deserving Superstars. Putting him into a new version of DX would accomplish that goal. 

Bobby Roode and Chad Gable

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    Before Billy Gunn and Road Dogg joined forces, both men were saddled with gimmicks based on country music. Becoming a team and joining DX turned their careers around and made them one of the most popular duos during the Attitude Era. 

    A modern D-Generation X would need a pair of deserving Superstars who can run roughshod over the entire tag team division while also being able to provide us with a few laughs.

    Bobby Roode and Chad Gable seem like the best fit out of the current tag teams. This would an opportunity Gable to show off his personality alongside the already charismatic Roode.

    Both of these guys deserve better than how they have been booked lately, and being part of a new DX would give them direction and purpose as both a tag team and individuals.