London Spitfire Win 1st Series at Overwatch League Grand Finals 2018

Kyle Newport@@KyleNewportFeatured ColumnistJuly 28, 2018

The New York Excelsior (L) and Shanghai Dragons play during Stage 3 of Overwatch League Inaugural Season videogame play at Blizzard Arena on May 4, 2018 in Burbank, California. (Photo by DAVID MCNEW / AFP)        (Photo credit should read DAVID MCNEW/AFP/Getty Images)
DAVID MCNEW/Getty Images

The Philadelphia Fusion and the London Spitfire met in the Overwatch League Finals on Friday night, and it was London that left the arena in front.

With everything on the line, fans packed Brooklyn's Barclays Center to get a first-hand look at the action:

Overwatch League #TheFirstFinals @overwatchleague

First map. Packed house. #TheFirstFinals #OWL2018 Tune in: https://t.co/U6dIioZfOU https://t.co/kdDM7fPuKA

In a best-of-five format, getting off to a strong start is important. That meant Philadelphia held the early edge as it managed to take Dorado in the first map 3-2:

Philadelphia Fusion @Fusion

.@carpe_ow is already doing a little headhunting in the Grand Finals 👀 #Unleashed https://t.co/cuwccSdbqN

ESPN Esports @ESPN_Esports

WHAT. WAS. THAT. #TheFirstFinals https://t.co/QBeMQyYUqS

The Fusion had a chance to take a commanding 2-0 lead heading into halftime, but the Spitfire managed to respond in Control and even the score on the Oasis map 2-0:

Overwatch League #TheFirstFinals @overwatchleague

Timing on POINT 👌. @GestureOW #OWL2018 #TheFirstFinals LIVE: https://t.co/U6dIioZfOU https://t.co/oOyC9RUy8Q

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AND LONDON BRINGS IT BACK #TheFirstFinals https://t.co/OSqKxDdVR2

Coming out of the break, both teams were looking to move within one match of the victory. Philadelphia struck first in Map 3, but just like in this match overall, London responded by taking the next two points at Eichenwalde:

Overwatch League #TheFirstFinals @overwatchleague

SNEAKY SNEAKY @Birdring! #OWL2018 #TheFirstFinals LIVE: https://t.co/U6dIioZfOU https://t.co/oOX7zMcL2h

Overwatch League #TheFirstFinals @overwatchleague

🤔 Are you SURE you wanna pick that fight? #OWL2018 @BdosinOW .... "ABSOLUTELY." #TheFirstFinals LIVE: https://t.co/U6dIioZfOU https://t.co/EXIvzZ503O

Once again, the Fusion got on the board first in the fourth map. But as had been the case for most of the first set, the Spitfire responded in major fashion. London was able to end things with a strong finish with the help of Profit: 

London Spitfire @Spitfire

Anyone else feeling a little ❄️chilly? @PROFIT_OWL's Mei froze the @Fusion right in their tracks! #AcesHigh #ItsComing집 #TheFirstFinals https://t.co/HCVlV97pP9

Overwatch League #TheFirstFinals @overwatchleague

.... and the killfeed goes WHITE. @eqo @poko #OWL2018 #TheFirstFinals LIVE: https://t.co/U6dIioZfOU https://t.co/egUDHay0rr

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LONDON TAKES IT. GG! #TheFirstFinals https://t.co/cfdlcFxgV3

Just like that, London goes from losing on the first map to winning the series 3-1.

The second series will get underway at 4 p.m. ET on Saturday, with the third series following at 6 p.m. ET if necessary.