Nia Jax Will Finally Find Her Footing in WWE as a Breakout Babyface

Graham GSM Matthews@@WrestleRantFeatured ColumnistMarch 16, 2018

Turning bayface will ultimately be what leads Nia Jax to superstardom in WWE.
Turning bayface will ultimately be what leads Nia Jax to superstardom in WWE.Credit: WWE.com

After a rocky first two years on WWE's main roster, Nia Jax is finally set to break out as a babyface in her current feud with Alexa Bliss heading into WrestleMania 34.

Jax has spent her entire WWE run up to this point portraying a villain, a role that fit her well based on how she was booked as a monster heel. Unfortunately, officials were never consistent in keeping her dominant and often had her lose more than she won, therefore damaging her credibility.

In fact, she has never held gold of any kind in WWE or even NXT, despite her countless shots at the NXT and Raw Women's Championships. Not only should that change at WrestleMania, but she should be one of the lead babyfaces of the division coming out of the event.

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The harshest words will build the strongest armor to help you defeat the most evil of forces and take what's most precious to them.

Jax proved her worth as a future champ during her outings with the established likes of Bayley and Asuka in NXT. However, she was called up to the main roster before she could get a proper run with the black-and-yellow brand's top title.

As a result, The Irresistible Force floundered for her first year on Raw. With Sasha Banks, Bayley and Charlotte Flair constantly in the spotlight around that time, Jax was forced to serve as a background player and couldn't show her depth as a character.

If nothing else, she gradually built up experience in any pay-per-view matches she had and is now fresh off her best bout to date against Asuka at Elimination Chamber.

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Credit: WWE.com

Granted, Jax fell short of victory on that night, but what she gained was almost as valuable as Asuka's guaranteed title shot at WrestleMania: the respect of the audience.

Her in-ring ability has progressed to the point where she is capable of holding her own against anyone she shares the squared circle with. All that was left to complete the package was a reason for fans to care about her as a character, and we were treated to that at long last on the March 5 edition of Raw.

Bliss and Jax have had a well-documented friendship both on and off screen, so Bliss ripping into her now-former friend the following week on Raw by targeting her unique size felt real. Not only did the insults hit home for many viewers, they essentially cemented Jax as a babyface fans can relate to.

Some of the most successful babyfaces in the history of WWE have had an aspect of their on-air persona viewers could identity with. Whether it was Stone Cold Steve Austin standing up to his boss or Daniel Bryan representing the common man, fans lived vicariously through them as they thrived within the wrestling realm.

That isn't to say Jax will ever amount to the same level of super stardom that those individuals did (at least not yet), but she can follow a similar formula in becoming more personable and showing off the side of her personality that has made her a hit on Total Divas.

Those who have seen her on the reality show are aware she is far from the person WWE has made her out to be on their programming since her debut. As a kindhearted woman and plus-size model, she stands out from the rest of the roster, but in a good way, to where the company should be capitalizing on that.

As far as women's wrestling in WWE has come in recent years, the Raw and SmackDown Live women's divisions still lack strong babyfaces fans can rally behind. Charlotte and Banks are natural heels, whereas Bayley isn't anywhere close to being the lovable underdog she was in NXT.

With Asuka likely heading over to the blue brand after WrestleMania and Ronda Rousey's development being a question mark, there will be an opening available for Jax to take over that top spot for the women on Raw. The sympathetic Jax is the polar opposite to the bully Bliss, and working with her will only make The Irresistible Force an even bigger babyface.

Jax's inevitable title win will merely mark the beginning of an all-new chapter in her career that will see her evolve into the resilient babyface Raw desperately needs.


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