Chargers' Philip Rivers Buys SUV with Film Room for Los Angeles Commute

Andrew Gould@AndrewGould4Featured ColumnistSeptember 5, 2017
San Diego Union-Tribune @sdut

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As a result of the Chargers' relocation to Los Angeles, Philip Rivers and Co. must deal with the city's notorious traffic. That's precious time the quarterback could instead spend preparing for games.

He found a lavish solution. As detailed by the Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune, Rivers purchased an SUV with a luxurious film room so he can study on the road. Not accounting for the driver he must hire to use the mobile office, the vehicle cost "upwards of $200,000." 

Rivers told Acee he no longer minds lengthy commutes from his San Diego home because the "best QB room I've ever been in" passes the time.

"There may be some days where we're hoping to get in a little traffic because we have more work to do," Rivers said.

A Chargers fan page shared images of the SUV from Acee's piece.

Chargers⚡️Hype @ChargersHype

The SUV Philip Rivers rides from SD to LA ⚡️🔥 #Chargers (via @sdut) https://t.co/r2dMmbkMiV

According to Acee, Rivers considered carpooling and briefly researched helicopters before reconsidering. He said the office SUV addressed his two main concerns.

"My two biggest things were my family time and my preparation and what I owe this football team," Rivers said. "I was not going to sacrifice either of them in any big proportion. I can look at all the pluses and minuses and say, 'OK. This does it.' This allows me to get home in the 6 to 7 hour, which is when I got home the last 11 years, and it allows me to watch all or more of the film I watched before."

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