Beach Balls in Barclays Center: Disrespectful WWE Fans Try to Be the Stars

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterAugust 22, 2017


As WWE SummerSlam unfolded inside the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, some fans chose not to marvel at the Superstars uppercutting and superkicking the hell out of each other.

Instead, they looked to make themselves the entertainment. A group of fans batted a beach ball around in the stands. They chose to play with themselves rather than pay the performers in the ring respect.

Cesaro stepped away from the Raw Tag Team Championship match momentarily to put an end to it. The Swiss Cyborg charged into the stands, plucked the ball from the crowd and ripped it apart in his hands.

Too bad Cesaro wasn't in action the next night on Raw.

More fans decided to disengage from the action Monday. Some did the wave in the stands. Some tapped around more beach balls.

Never mind that fan favorite Finn Balor was wrestling. Never mind that Raw was giving its audience a match never seen before. These fans thought it better to attract attention for themselves than to enjoy the art between the ropes.

The hosts of the Tights and Fights podcast weighed in on the surreal moment:

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This wasn't unique to this weekend.

Fans have goofed around chanting for announcers and retired wrestlers in the past. They have brought in beach balls. They have tried to take over the show, hoping the spotlight would point their way.

Wrestlers do grave damage to their bodies. They work a grueling schedule in a grueling business all in the name of entertaining.

To respond to that by not even paying attention, to make a WWE show one's own playground, is an insult to the men and women in the ring.

Former WWE star Road Dogg called it "disrespect at its core." Three-time WCW world tag champ Paul Roma shared similar thoughts on Twitter: "I feel for the workers in the ring while the crowd is being completely disrespectful."

New Japan Pro Wrestling and Ring of Honor star Will Ospreay mocked the fans who played with beach balls in Brooklyn:

The counterargument from fans who did this sort of thing is often, "We paid to be there. We get to do what we want."

That's not how it works. Putting down some cash for tickets doesn't give one free rein. It doesn't eliminate the rules of civility. 

And it doesn't make it any less of a figurative middle finger to the wrestlers in the ring.