Which NFL Championship Team Has the Biggest Hollywood Fans?

Giancarlo Ferrari-King@@GiancarloKingFeatured ColumnistJanuary 19, 2017

Which NFL Championship Team Has the Biggest Hollywood Fans?

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    Only four teams remain in the hunt for this year's Lombardi Trophy: the New England Patriots, Atlanta Falcons, Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers.

    As we close in on each conference championship showdown, it is time to list some of the top celebrity superfans. 

    Using social media posts, undying support and true fandom as our guide, we present a definitive list of which Hollywood stars love their teams the most.

New England Patriots: John Krasinski

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    Love for the New England Patriots isn't strictly reserved for Mark Wahlberg. John Krasinski of The Office also happens to be a giant fan of Boston sports.

    The actor has used Instagram to profess his love for the Patriots as well as the Red Sox. Unlike Wahlberg, Krasinski isn't all up in your face about it. He'd rather drop a random post here and there to remind you his love for sports runs directly through New England.

Atlanta Falcons: Usher

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    If you're from Atlanta or represent the city, it's your civic duty to love the Falcons. Go ask Usher if you don't believe me.

    The multifaceted entertainer showcased his love for the Dirty Birds on Instagram, hanging with his friends Michael B. Jordan and Ludacris. You better believe if the Falcons win the Super Bowl, Usher will be there for all the festivities.

Green Bay Packers: Olivia Munn

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    Is it fair to rank anyone above Olivia Munn in terms of being a diehard Green Bay Packers fan? Sorry, Lil Wayne. For starters, she's dating Aaron Rodgers. That automatically gives her access to the heart and soul of the franchise.

    Munn and Rodgers remain one of the NFL's premier power couples and she isn't shy about letting people know. The talented actress has constantly supported Green Bay and of course, Rodgers, every step of the way this season.

Pittsburgh Steelers: Seth Myers

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    Being a celebrity has its perks. You meet other famous people, enjoy easy dinner reservations and oh yeah, you also get great seats to sporting events.

    Seth Myers of Saturday Night Live and now, Late Night with Seth Myers showcased this phenomenon on his Instagram account. As a longtime Pittsburgh Steelers fan, Myers took a selfie with Antonio Brown prior to a regular-season contest.

    He doesn't profess his love for Pittsburgh as much as Snoop Dogg—although he once broke out the Terrible Towel on SNL. Snoop is on his own level.

    Despite the lack of bravado, Myers clearly has a history with the club and roots for his Steelers.

New England Patriots: Steven Tyler

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    The lead signer of Aerosmith is a longtime New England Patriots fan. He's kicked it with owner Robert Kraft, sung the national anthem at home games and has even worn a magestic Patriots scarf in public.

    Kraft and members of the team have also lent support to Aerosmith, showing up for an event in 2012.

    But forget all of that. Let's get back to the issue at hand. Who else is rocking Patriots neckwear on a regular basis? I'll wait.

Atlanta Falcons: Samuel L. Jackson

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    There may not be a bigger celebrity fans of the Atlanta Falcons than Samuel L. Jackson. The veteran movie star has supported this squad on countless occasions, showing up at games and even taking over the stadium's Jumbotron.

    Jackson has starred in 168 movies, according to IMDB. But his best role might be as the Falcons' on-screen brand ambassador. Can you imagine what he'll do if Atlanta wins a Super Bowl?

Pittsburgh Steelers: Snoop Dogg

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    Snoop Dogg adores the Pittsburgh Steelers. The veteran rapper and current co-host of Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party never shies away from talking about his squad, using social media as a soapbox.

    Heading into the team's showdown with the New England Patriots, Snoop took to Instagram to put down all of the haters out there—he posted the image above for good measure.

    In a world full of celebrity fans, Snoop ranks near the top. His loyalty to the Steelers remains unquestioned.

Atlanta Falcons: Future

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    Atlanta's very own, Future, came out and supported his Falcons during their NFC Divisional victory over the Seattle Seahawks.

    Unlike a lot of celebrity fans, Future's relationship with the Falcons is extra spicy. His ex-girlfriend Ciara is married to Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, so the Falcons' win over Seattle had to feel good.

    Future represents all things Atlanta along with Usher, Migos, Donald Glover and the Falcons. He's part of the new wave taking the city's culture to a new level.

New England Patriots: Mark Wahlberg

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    Mark Wahlberg has never been shy about his fandom. Why would he? Wahlberg was born in Dorchester, Massachusetts, part of New England Patriots country.

    Since fame has engulfed his life, Wahlberg has been able to take his love for the Pats to another level. He's hung out with owner Robert Kraft, interviewed Rob Gronkowski—pictured above—and even hit the links with Tom Brady on HBO's hit series Entourage.

    A superfan with super connections. Ladies and gentlemen, that is what Mark Wahlberg is all about. Speaking of superfans, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are also part of this elite New England club.

Green Bay Packers: Lil Wayne

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    It's no secret Lil Wayne has been a supporter of the Green Bay Packers for a long time. He rocks out with Aaron Rodgers and the gang, using Twitter to defend the Cheeseheads at every turn.

    If you follow Wayne at all, you'll know his sports fandom is scattered across the country—he also reps the Los Angeles Lakers. But no franchise holds a place in Weezy's heart quite like the Packers. He's a passionate fan who has gone on ESPN's First Take multiple times to talk shop.

    It doesn't matter how you became a fan. All that counts is the support you lend a team. In that respect, Wayne is a diehard member of Lambeau nation.

New England Patriots: Gisele Bundchen

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    When you're married to the quarterback of the New England Patriots, no one is allowed to say they're bigger fan of the franchise. Supermodel Gisele Bundchen has laid claim to that title, serving as an avid leader of the Patriots' fanbase.

    Bundchen has been there for it all. She’s seen the Patriots lose Super Bowl XLVI to the New York Giants and win Super Bowl XLIX against the Seattle Seahawks.

    She uses Instagram to share memorable pictures of Brady and their kids, and has never ceased to support her squad. Let’s call that loyalty to the fullest extent.


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