Twitter Roasts New Los Angeles Chargers Logo

Andrew Gould@AndrewGould4Featured ColumnistJanuary 12, 2017

The Chargers officially announced their relocation from San Diego to Los Angeles on Thursday, and they quickly started the rebranding process, changing their official Twitter account's avatar to what appears to be their new logo.

"This new mark and fresh take on 'L.A.' is part of a larger identity campaign called 'Fight for L.A.' intended to convey the commitment of the Spanos family and entire Chargers organization to earn the respect and loyalty of Los Angeles football fans," the team wrote in a press release.

Twitter users, however, saw too much resemblance to the Los Angeles Dodgers' logo. The reviews were, to put it kindly, not so super.

Fans still rooting for the Chargers in Los Angeles may not mind the likeness as much if they also copy the Dodgers and make the playoffs.