Colts: With the Help of Jim Sorgi, Peyton Manning Hardly a One-Man Show

Jason StoudemireAnalyst IMay 31, 2008

As football fans know, the end product of a team watched every weekend only runs smoothly when the weeks of preparation are taken seriously.

Case in point: the Indianapolis Colts.

The creation of a well-oiled offensive machine is an attribute as rare as winning a Super Bowl. The Colts, thanks to unbelievable draft picks, coaching, and a little luck, have become almost the San Antonio Spurs of the NFL in regards to admiration of the franchise from top to bottom.

The Colts have become a model franchise that teams look up to in terms of management of the salary cap, draft picks, and large egos.

The main reason for their success is of course quarter back Peyton Manning, but who else?

There must be a player with knowledge of the game from an illustrious college career that acts as an offensive coordinator and is constantly working with his clipboard on the sideline.

Unknown in relation to the NFL record books is backup quarterback Jim Sorgi, an ego-free aid to Manning who rarely plays.

Having only thrown six career touchdowns to one interception in his career, it is obvious that Sorgi does not get the playing time other players with similar college careers achieve.

The ex-Wisconsin Badger is the school's all time leader in passing efficiency.

Sorgi was also a superstar baseball player in high school, and he gained offers from both sports, respectively.

Now, don't get me wrong, but Manning was already an established superstar in his own right before 2004, but he never won a Super Bowl without Sorgi as his backup.

Manning's style of play is constant audibles at the huddle, with Sorgi yelling into his ear with tips and information about the defensive scheme Manning is facing.

Can Jim Sorgi be a productive starter in his own right? We may never know. But I guarantee Manning doesn't want to find out anytime soon.