Saints-Jets: My Official New Orleans Week Four Prediction

Alex RodriguezCorrespondent ISeptember 30, 2009

TAMPA, FL - NOVEMBER 30: Linebacker Jonathan Vilma #51 of the New Orleans Saints yells during play against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Raymond James Stadium on November 30, 2008 in Tampa, Florida.  (Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)

The 3-0 New Orleans Saints host the 3-0 New York Jets in a week four match up that should be a aggressive game for both teams. This is the only game of the undefeated in week four and both these teams will do what ever it takes to start the season off with a 4-0  record.

The New Orleans Saints' No. one offense faces off with the New York Jets' stingy defense ranked fifth in the league.

Both of these teams have opened eyes and played past their expectations coming into the 2009 season. Who would've thought that the Saints would be able to get as many turn overs and run the ball? Who would've thought that a rookie would lead his team to three wins in his first three games.

I am excited for this game, which should be a great showing from both teams who are out to prove they are for real.

The Saints return to the dome after two road games with the Philadelphia Eagles and the Buffalo Bills. This is the second time this season that the Saints start off against a rookie quarterback, but this time the rookie quarter back has experience under his belt.

The question for me is how will we play Sanchez? Will we send blitzes or will we sit back in coverage?

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Now as good as Mark Sanchez is he does have a bit of a problem with fumbling and honestly I think that is something the Saints will look at and talk about coming into this game.

In three games, Sanchez has fumbled four times only losing one but against a defense that is always looking for turn overs and getting to the ball that might cost the Jets. The Saints are always looking for a way to set the offense up with good field positioning and you might see them attack Sanchez due to his fumbling issues meaning going for strips instead of wrapping him up.

A couple of turn overs could make the difference in this game. New Orleans Saints inside  linebacker Jonathan Vilma is going up against his former team and will look to have a big game. Vilma will be a big part of the Saints against the Jets rushing attack being led by running back Thomas Jones.

The last time Thomas Jones went up against the Saints in 2006 in the NFC Championship game he ripped the defense apart for 123 yards and two touchdowns on 19 carries with a 6.5 average.

Jones is the most physical back the Saints have played yet and honestly this worries me after seeing the Eagles carry some of our defenders in week two. If the Saints want to make Sanchez uncomfortable this will be one way to do it by taking his running game away.

Although the Jets are 10th in rushing they are only averaging 3.8 yards per carry so the question is will this be a easy for us to do with the fifth ranked rushing defense or will Jones embarrass us against?

After a dominating performance from the Saints defensive line I don't think they will be much of a factor in this one. As much as Gregg Williams would like to only send in four- to three-man rushes, I do think he will have to send in some blitzes to rattle up Sanchez and get pressure.

I want to see how corner back Jabari Greer played against a former AFC east rival Jericho Cotchery who has recorded 18 receptions 285 yards and a touchdown. Cotchery has given Sanchez a valuable number one receiver.

The Jets offense is full of weapons like Leon Washington and Dustin Keller players who could possibly embarrass our line backers in the passing game. I want to see how the Saint's OLBs will handle covering these players.

The Saints offense is in some trouble or are they? The Jets defense is ranked second in points allowed only giving up 33 total points only allowing opposing offenses a total of two offensive touchdowns,four field goals and a pick six, but this is the Saints and offense that managed to score 27 points on its off day and a offense that has  already scored 120 points averaging  a whopping 40 points a game.

Can the Saints possibly score on this defense? Yes we did it against the Eagles a defense that was predicted to shut our offense down why couldn't we do it against the Jets?

The Jets defense has shut down opposing receivers with corner back Darrelle Revis and have brought blitzes to apply pressure on the opposing quarter backs. The thing about this is that after being pressured against the Buffalo Bills how can the Saints offensive line handle the Jets pressure?

Drew Brees has one of the best releases in the game today and will look to get the ball out of his hands quickly against a blitz happy defense.

Now the Saints running game might not be much of a factor in this game against a team that has shut down opposing running backs. The Jets kept running backs Chris Johnson and Steve Slaton under 100 yards rushing.

Are the Saints going to be able to get the run game going is something we will have to wait to see. I'm not sure if Pierre Thomas can run past the Jets for 124 yards.

Special teams has improved over the past couple of games and I don't think it should be much of a problem. I'm really hoping the return game can get going for the Saints to set us up with good field position to make it easier on quarterback Drew Brees and the Saint's offense. I'm hoping the crowd can help keep us in the game and I can not wait to see Jonathan Vilma Vs Thomas Jones in his first game against the team that drafted him.

I predict the Saints to win this and be on point in the dome. The running game may not be a factor but I do think the defense will keep us in this game but we all know the Saints offense is on point in the dome.

27-14 Saints.