Randy Travesty: Why Miami's Coach Shannon Must Go Now

Luis GonzalezCorrespondent ISeptember 28, 2009

DURHAM, NC - OCTOBER 18:  Head coach Randy Shannon of the Miami Hurricanes looks on against the Duke Blue Devils during the game at Wallace Wade Stadium on October 18, 2008 in Durham, North Carolina.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

This season was one that looked promising and had all the making of vintage Hurricanes lore until Saturday, at 3:30 PM, happened. Clearly, we saw the opposite of a team striving to be in its first national championship game in many seasons.

And why us Canes fans are wondering, "Why did we look like a eighth grade flag football team that decided to play in Blacksburg wearing damn good UM costumes?"

Because our coach, our field manager and supervisor, the mover of the chess pieces let those pieces buy into the hype and make our team the guest star of LOST. Randy Shannon, master of the UM D for years has seem to lost his touch on even that, when asked at halftime he said they are playing good and we have to make adjustments.

Nice generic answer coach. Great adjustment to by putting some guy that was half decent at UM basketball and hasn't played football since his freshman year of high school in the hardest pressure packed situation possible, when you had plenty of other viable options.

Your clock mismanagement and running recruits out of town has me wondering if we aren't doing the right things for Miami's ascension to its glory days.

Were this circa 1990s, we would have already cut No. 80 Jimmy Graham and sent his ass back to his basketball that he obviously has no future in, and we would have had seven walk ons who could do the job begging coach for a shot.

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But in this day, where you can't discipline your child without it being a child services matter, where mediocrity is king and excellence is supposedly only for few, we let an extremely inexperienced, untalented player do what he does best in a pressure packed situation, choke on two to arguably three balls that would've had us in the position to gain momentum in the game and up the rankings chart.

People have excuses like rain and the away atmosphere and other wastes of English words to try to cope with the fact that our coach didn't have us ready to play one of the biggest games of the season, and that's his only job, to put us in position to win every game, not just some of them.

To make the national and bring it back to the greatest city in the world, not to make the MPC computers bowl and come home with laptops. You want laptops, go to Office Depot!!!!

There was a time when any team saw the University of Miami on their schedule and a sharp tingle went up there spine that they didn't like. The next words out of their mouths were, "Wow I don't want to play them."

Now we are an after thought in a supposed forgotten conference of overachieving half-decent schools. We made the Big East with their automatic bids and crap notoriety because it didn't matter what conference we were in or even what state, all we did was figure out how to dominate and win.

Saturday, I saw a seemingly under-motivated coach not go and light a fire under his team's ass after a dreadful first half performance, a coach who hasn't made us better, only sub par or worse since he got a program supposedly already on the decline, thanks to the worst coach in UM history, Larry Coker.

Now I will give Randy that he has all the makings to be a true UMer, who cares and is fully vested in this program, but a real UM coach, like a Schnelly, or a Johnson, or a Papa Butch, would have never let us play like we did this past Saturday.

And even if it was happening our Hurricanes would've been still flying around at least 100 percent on every play 'til they're gassed, because that the least of the requirements if you want to be a part of a championship tradition and wear the beautiful orange and green.

We need to be feared again by any means necessary, and if its a change in culture that does it so be it, but let the next coach feel the pressure and live with it, succeed with it, not make four top-100 recruits sign here and renege because its not what they were promised or whatever the case.

Even the defense, which was Randy Shannon's trademark, has been slipping since he stepped into the head spot. We need to get a Rex Ryan, I won't mention what horrible team he coaches, and have our Canes be talkers that deliver. That walk lightly and carry big sticks, like the Warren Sapp days, like the Gino Torreta days, like the Ray Lew days, or the Ed Reed days.

We need a coach that makes them buy in and be selfless champions like the other 40 something we have in the league now. Over half are pro bowlers or one of the better players in the league, and it was because of the attitude and swag they brought to the table conveyed strongly through their head coaches.

Either Randy Shannon wins out and gets a one-year lease on taking his boys, his No. 1 recruiting class, and UM, which is all he's known, to the National next year or it's time to switch now, while this young talent can adjust and win the whole enchilada their senior years.

It's time for us to rise out of this mediocre society and hold ourselves to higher standard, like we always have. Even in the days of probation, when we were still able to play spoiler and knock you off a national championship run with less scholarships, I'd like to hear less excuses and more execution.

As we retool and get ready for another huge test in Oklahoma, and hope the football gods are kind and let everyone else lose so we can play for the national, I hope Randy Shannon wants to win out and get to win his national, but I can tell you that I'm done waiting for results when we need those results right now in a season where every game counts, a champion can't just not show up, not in college football.

Let this be our Florida-Ole Miss game from last year that propels to the BCS or let this be the last year Randy Shannon refers to himself as Head Coach of the Greatest team on earth, and Jimmy Graham better be running gassers, catching every ball ever thrown his way again, or Randy can take Jimmy with him!


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