Panthers vs. Cowboys: Preview and Prediction

Rory KingContributor ISeptember 26, 2009

HARLOTTE, NC - OCTOBER 29:  Quarterback Tony Romo #9 of the Dallas Cowboys calls a play against the Carolina Panthers during the game on October 29, 2006 at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, North Carolina. The Cowboys won 35-14.  (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)

Well here we are in week three. I surely expected to see the Cowboys coming off of an amazing homestand against the G-men, but it seems the Giants pulled off a huge upset in Dallas's new digs.

Romo's play was horrifying to watch, the secondary didn't show up, and Jason Witten assisted the Giants in a most peculiar fashion (bouncing a pass off his foot for a Giants INT). Really, the only bright spot was the Cowboys' running game. The run was nearly impossible to stop from the Giants perspective.

In all reality though the game's action unfolded almost as I expected it to. The game remained close thoughout, and the final score was 33-31. That is what the NFL is all about: pure excitement. There were some silly penalties, an interception that just should not have been an interception, and a disgusting tripping foul against the Cowboys' dumbest player.

Flozell Adams is on my last nerve. I am tired of seeing him rack up stupid penalties and cost the Cowboys good feild position. I think next season Jerry Jones should really look to replace Adams if he continues his stupidity.

I hate the G-men, but I am on Justin Tuck's side this time. He is forced to sit out a game for an unfortunate injury that should not have happened in the first place. I agree with the fine that came down from the NFL against Flozell.

Tony Romo needs to have a little more patience and confidence in the pocket when he is playing in a big game. This first game in the new stadium was a test for Romo: A record-setting crowd on national TV.

If you asked me, I would say he failed horribly. I am a Romo fan, but I am a bigger fan of the Cowboys. If Romo continues to play poorly in big-game settings, then I think it will be time to sever ties and find a quarterback with big-game success.

The run game was excellent for the Cowboys, it kept them in the game. At times they shied away from the run a little too much, favoring the non-reality that Romo would pull himself together. I understand the concept of mixing run with pass, but in this case they should've stuck with the run. It was unstoppable, and could've netted a decisive victory for the Cowboys.

The Cowboys' secondary is another story all by itself. Manning torched the secondary all game long, and never lost faith in his new wideouts. I was disgusted to see the defense give up the yardage they did.

I think the defense was a little too focused on the run, which cost them dearly. The run defense against Jacobs and Bradshaw suprised me, though. They were able to stuff them all game.

Now on to Moday night's game. Panthers quarterback Jake Delhomme was able to bounce back from a embarassing week one performance, but it really wasn't enought to get them the win against a tough Atlanta Falcons team.

Delhomme has thrown five INTs this season already, and is a continued target in the backfield for opposing defenses. Without Delhomme playing well, the Panthers really become one-dimensional and can't run the ball for squat. If Delhomme can get going, the Panthers have a legit shot at winning.

But I really don't see that happening.

The Cowboys have been in a sack drought the first two games. This will change come Monday night. Demarcus Ware is too good to go too long without a sack. I expect the Cowboys to break through Carolina's pourous o-line and drop Delhomme at least three times. Three times is enough to hurt any QB's confidence.

So here we go, the Cowboys take this one for the first win in Cowboys Stadium, and they will do it en route to a dismantling 35-17 perfromance.

Thank you for reading my long article, and feel free to leave mature comments.


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