Oakland Raiders: No Pain, No Gain

Honor Warren Wells TheTorch@dbintayaelSenior Writer IISeptember 24, 2009

One of the articles I posted showed Oakland ranking above the Broncos in three categories. Notice, however, that the ranks are very close.

My intuition tells me that the Sunday, Sept. 27 game is going to be challenging.

We can meet the challenge if we do not take anything for granted.

Also, according to my analysis, we should NOT have loss the game with San Diego.

I was shocked during the game with San Diego. While I listened to the game in my car, I noticed we had a touchdown. By the time I got in my house and settled down to continue watching the game, the decision was reversed.

I am not going to argue why or why not that happened. Rather, I am making a strong appeal to the team that they play so well, so powerfully, that even the inconsistencies in the decisions of a referee will not neutralize the expected outcome of the game.

In other words, play hard, and win the game. There is a song, "No pain, no gain." So, from that song we learn that sometimes we have to muster up both the spirit and will to succeed.

The spirit in which we do our job often transcends what is predicted by the numbers.

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We work so hard until it hurts, but overall we gain that for which we aim.

Too many times in history, the spirit of the people overcame the odds for victory.

For example, there was a man named Gideon. He was confronted with a tough situation. He needed to use an element of surprise, and he needed men to demonstrate the right behaviors to execute his strategic plan.

As the story goes, those men would be cautious at all times. I repeat, the men would be cautious at all times. They would never take anything for granted.

To be in a state of alert may be painful, but it is worth it so that your opponents have no opportunity to overtake you.

A question is posed: In a tough situation, what do you need?

One answer would be that we need Oakland Raiders who are steadfast and unmovable in their readiness to play. The men of integrity who demonstrate that steadfast and unmovable behavior are the ones who must be given opportunity to play.

Now as I think ahead, I realize that there are going to be some challenges before us.

Other writers have cited the difficulty we had winning the earlier games. I conjecture that much more skill and energy will be needed to win the game between the Broncos and a couple of other teams in the schedule.

For example, here is a list and rank in the win category of some of our future opponents:

Rank         Wins

1              424   Dallas Cowboys

2              406   Oakland

3              378   New England

4              363   Titans

5              349   Buffalo

6              333   NY Jets

Each of the teams in this list were started in 1960.

We can learn from the story about Gideon. These are the questions which are important to consider:

What to do?

How many?

What type of men?

A battle, in the historical story, that had a high probability of loss or failure, was won because of

an element of surprise

powerful synergy

extreme attentiveness in executing the plan.

Somehow, this lesson must translate to the football field. The spirit of the Oakland Raiders, the determination, the perseverance, all must be so potent that the opponent is surprised and confused.

The Oakland Raiders and the Raider Nation must be so attentive to every detail, that the collective force of our commitment and determination to win will gush through the plays on the field, and carry us to victory.

The strain of the plan for total and unequivocal commitment to excellence in the execution of the plan to win may cause some pain.

Without that level of commitment to excellence, we would forfeit the gain that we so earnestly desire.

Finally, Betty Wright's song says:

In order to get something
You got to give something
In order to be something
You got to go through something

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