Carlos Boozer Explains What Happened That Time His Hair Turned into Shoe Polish

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterOctober 28, 2015


Carlos Boozer went on Highly Questionable on Tuesday and did the things you do on Highly Questionable: shoot the breeze and give the juice.

And for a mostly unassuming—if not loud—NBA character, Boozer had a lot of interesting stuff to talk about.

There was that time he ran from a grizzly bear while growing up in Alaska. And that incident with Prince, who rented out Boozer's pad and threw him some hush money to not talk about the glitter-encrusted atrocities that occurred therein.

Oh yeah, what about that time when Boozer played a game looking like he'd napped on a pile of chocolate glazed doughnuts? That was a fun one.

After years of silence, Boozer finally spoke on this weird moment in NBA history.

He said about what you'd expect: that he was losing his hair and a friend offered to try a new coloring treatment to help him get his hairline back.

Truth be told, I started losing my hair a little bit. ... They came out with this...it's like a hair dye for men called "The Beijing." Well, I had one guy that was like, "Yo, have you ever thought about growing your hair out?" And I was like, "Yeah, I was thinking about it until I saw some of these little bald spots on my head." ... He was telling me, "You grow your hair out. I can cover it up a little bit. Make it look like a regular haircut." So I tried it. And he just made my stuff look like shoe polish up there.

Like I said, that's not a wild surprise. But it is nice to hear the words coming out of Boozer's own mouth. I didn't really suspect him of using raw brownie batter as a hair supplement, but it's good we can officially rule that out now.

Also, I think I figured out who it is giving NBA players all these rowdy haircut suggestions.

Highly Questionable

Just saying. Could be divine.

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