Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets: Putting Things in Perspective

Zachary OstermanCorrespondent ISeptember 20, 2009

ATLANTA - SEPTEMBER 10:  Running back Jonathan Dwyer #12 of the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets celebrates their 30-27 win over the Clemson Tigers at Bobby Dodd Stadium on September 10, 2009 in Atlanta, Georgia.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

(Don't you think that ought to just be a wave goodbye?)

In the wake of what is apparently a world-ending disaster of a loss to Miami—a team I would be remiss to point out was favored to win—you wouldn't believe the yarns being bandied about.

Josh Nesbitt ought to be replaced. Georgia Tech was massively overrated. Paul Johnson's offense will never work again. Ever. No seriously. 

And frankly, all the apocalyptics among you, you're right.

That loss was awful. It was so bad, I think, that playing UNC next week would just add to the inevitable embarrassment. Cancel the game. Wait, cancel all of Tech's ACC games. Maybe the season. Honestly, let's just get rid of the football program altogether. It can only lead to heartache.

That dripping sound you hear behind you, it's the sarcasm bleeding from my words.

Seriously folks, can we all calm down a little bit?

Georgia Tech's season is far from over. Are the Jackets' BCS dreams unreachable now? Probably.

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But does one loss ever derail a season? Ever so rarely.

Miami is good. Really good. Just ask them, they'll be happy to tell you (as evidenced by the chatter on these boards, so will their fans).

Tech was an underdog in a tough environment facing one of the most mentally sharp teams I've ever seen in one given performance. Losing by less than 10 was going to be tough.

But somehow, one loss to a team that's now unarguably better has given cause for a massive, destructive panic attack among the Yellow Jacket faithful. So can we clear up just a couple of points?

1) Josh Nesbitt does not need to be replaced. It was suggested, following the Miami loss, that Georgia Tech needs a quarterback more in the mold of Tim Tebow if there is to be true success.

That's pretty well true of about 116 teams in the Football Bowl Subdivision, now, wouldn't you say?

Make no mistake, Josh Nesbitt is the reason Tech beat Clemson. Yes, he's also partially the reason Tech almost lost. But when it was time for somebody to stand up and be counted, Nesbitt was at the front of the line.

And if not for a couple of drops—including an almost-assured touchdown pass to Demaryius Thomas, who I'm going to go ahead and called the king of one-eyed kings from now on—it's Josh Nesbitt who keeps Thursday's game much, much closer than it was.

2) Paul Johnson's offense can still succeed. It will still succeed.

It's not the scheme that's the problem. If you draw me up an offense, here and now, that can make hay while its line is continually beaten off the ball, allows almost instant penetration and at times seems utterly incapable of actually winning the physical battles that silently define every football, then I will make both of us very rich.

Tech's offensive line has given up way too much ground, way too much penetration in the last two games. Any run-based offense, including this one, will fail miserably if its offensive line cannot hold the status quo and open holes consistently.

No team will ever succeed without at least adequate line play, and right now, Tech's not getting it.

When we entered this season, we knew Georgia Tech would be a team with a lot of talent and a lot of opportunity. But we didn't know how much.

We knew that, given the right circumstances, this could be a good season for Tech. But nothing was ever a lock, it was going to take a championship effort to get a championship on the Flats.

Thursday night was not such a performance. But before we call in the reaper and send home the crowds, let's everybody take a breath, and wait for next week.

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